April 20, 2013

Finley's ONE!

           This week, my sweet little puppy will be one year old!

I can't believe my puppy isn't really a puppy anymore! Do I have to buy her adult food now??? I'm still gonna' call her a puppy because it makes me sad not to. Plus, she weighs seven pounds and still looks like a pup :)
I was so hesitant to get a dog and I took quite a risk buying one online that wasn't even born yet! But, I got soooooooo lucky! I think I got the sweetest, cutest puppy there ever was. She's my shadow and I can't even remember what I used to do for entertainment before I had her. She is the funniest thing ever and makes me laugh all the time. Here's a look back at her first year...
This is the first picture I got of her at two days old!

Two weeks old and starting to open her eyes...

Getting lots of hair!

Her first bow!

The breeder sent me this picture about three days before I got her. I still didn't realize how TINY she was!

She's all mine!

She fell asleep in the car on the way home. I was soooo excited to finally have her!

Playing baseball like Uncle Matt!

During her biting phase...

Sleeping in the car!

My favorite picture of all time!

First Halloween

Shaggy hair at Christmas :)

Uncle Matt says she looks like a diva in this picture :)

How she rolls...

Happy Birthday, little pipsqueak :)


Chrissy said...

Your puppy is so so cute! Just precious. It's so neat that you have photos of her when she was so little too. My dogs were always my puppies too, no matter how old they were.
First Grade Found Me

Mrs. Anderson said...

Happy first birthday, Finley!!!
Connie Anderson

Lauren said...

I love, love her name and what kind of dog is she? So sweet! :)

Looks like my Harper!

Lindsay said...

Thank you! She's a maltipoo.