May 5, 2013

Fifty Nifty United States

Well, it's over. TCAP's over. I don't know how they did - I honestly tried not to look! But, I'm supremely happy that it's over! In fact, I feel so free now!
This last week, we spent a lot of time learning about the fifty states. To say that my kiddos were happy would be an understatement!
One of the things we did was make state brochures. The librarian helped me find a book for each state! So, the kids picked states and they each made 2 brochures. They worked so hard and did such a great job!

They worked on these for two days and when they finished, they shared with each other about their states.
I took their brochures and put them up on a bulletin board outside our room.
The whole time that the kids were working on the brochures, they sang along with maybe the cutest song about the states I've ever heard:
Seriously, they listened to it about a hundred times. Listened, sang along, danced... they just loved it. LOVED IT! One kid said "I'm gonna' tell my mom to make this her ringtone!" Well, okay then :)
Our school gets these awesome social studies kits and they come with laminated maps for the kids so they can write on them. So, we used them to trace routes across the United States using the interstates. The kids ABOUT DIED!!! They were all saying "Tell us another one!" Whenever I would tell them a destination, they had to tell me which states they had to travel through.
We read the book Alice Ramsey's Grand Adventure. It's a super cute book about the lady who made the first trip driving across the US. While we were tracing routes, we made sure to trace her exact route across the states using the text.
Another day, we made a T-Chart to compare traveling in 1909 and traveling today. It really led to some good discussion from the kids.
We read a big book about the regions of the US, too.
As we read about each region, we color coded the region, wrote notes about what the region is known for and then filled in an anchor chart about the major exports from each region. We did this because next week we're going to focus on economics.
One other book we read was The Scrambled States of America. The kids ADORED it!
I actually printed off a reader's theater for the book, but got sick and missed a day last week. Sooo, we didn't get to do it. But, we're going it. I know the kids will think that is so fun!
It was such a fun week! This week will be fun, too! I already said we were focusing on economics, but we're tying it all in with a novel that we've been reading. Want a clue what it is??
Have a good week!


Heather said...

I love this activity. Is there any way that I could see the Riding Highway section.