May 22, 2013

Summer Bucket List

One and a half days, people! That's all I've got until it is officially SUMMER BREAK for this tired, tired teacher. I'm having mixed emotions, honestly, because I loved, loved, loved my class this year. Just loved them. But, like I mentioned, I'm so tired. I need a break.
Which leads me to...
a linky party!
Here is my summer bucket list: the things I want to do and accomplish these next two months.
1. Sleep

All I want to do is sleep. I'm one of those people who likes to stay up realllllly late and then sleep away the morning. I know, it's bad. But, it's what summers are for if you don't have kids at your house and don't have to be at work in the morning. The only hitch in this plan might be the little puppy who lives with me. Hmmmmm.... maybe she'd like to sleep downstairs this summer?
2. Exercise

So, I've been  on a diet. I've lost ten pounds or so in the last two weeks. I have a loooong way to go. So, my biggest goal this summer is to stay on track (or get more on track) with exercising daily. I'm not what you'd call an "exercise enjoyer." You know those people who say "I feel so much better when I run! I feel so alive!" Yeah, that's not me. Even when I was in great shape and the skinniest I've ever been, I hated working out. But, it's gotta' be done so I'm gonna' do it... begrudgingly. And there will be lots of whining...
3. Swim and Lay Out

I kind of just love to lay at the pool all day. I keep my float in my trunk year round. My friend Brittney has a pool and we just all congregate at her neighborhood pool almost every day. It's awesome.
4. Real Housewives of New Jersey

People, I cannot even tell you how excited I am about the new season of RHNJ! I'm having trouble sleeping at night just thinking about it. (Okay, that's a lie.) But, I am so looking forward to it. The fighting! The drama! Are they friends now or enemies? Will Milania get her own spin-off? Will Caroline stop being a bitter old hag and be nice? What will Teresa mispronounce? Was Melissa really a stripper? Will we have to hear about the misadventures of those Manzo momma boys? I. Can't. Wait.
5. The Bachelorette

I realize I've listed two tv shows on my bucket list, but I love tv. Especially in the summer when I'm not dog tired at night and can sit and enjoy a show without falling asleep halfway through. And, The Bachelorette will be awesome this season. I loved Desiree last season on The Bachelor and I can't wait to watch her find her true love date a bunch of strangers. Sign me up, ABC. I'm there. You convinced me.
6. Play with the Pup

As always, there will be tons of puppy love going on over here. I'm so happy to not have to cage her up all day and let her just play.
7. School Prep

I fully intend to take a break from school. For a few weeks. But, we're adopting a new reading series next year and my teammates and I have big plans to meet this summer and try to plan out our weeks. And, that will make me feel a lot better to have that accomplished. I also want to do some projects and organization for my classroom. But, that's not a job - that's like teacher Disneyland, right?

So, to sum up, this summer will be me sleeping, watching tv, swimming and playing with the puppy.

Sounds like heaven... I can't wait!


Mrs Cupcake said...

Ahaha!! Love that ecard!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

The Cozy Classroom said...

I just found your blog through the Summer bucket linky!! I love it and am your newest follower!!

I am also addicted to RHONJ! Sucks me in every time:)

The Cozy Classroom

Mrs. L. said...

I love your pup! She is so cute. I'm looking forward to playing with mine this summer too and not having to leave her alone all day every day.

English With Mrs. L.

luckyannette said...

Loving number 1 :)

Miss Kindergarten said...

Didly squats!!! hahahahah!!! Love it! I CAN NOT wait for the Bachelorette!!! Enjoy your summer and thanks for linking up!!

The Brown-Bag Teacher said...

Hi, Lindsay! I found your blog through the linky and LOVE it. The nautical colors are super cute. :) The green wall in your classroom is stellar!

The Brown-Bag Teacher

Teaching with TWitte said...

I am so excited to have found your blog through the linky! I love finding other third grade blogs! Your summer sounds fabulous...and I am with you on exercising. I have been trying to motivate myself to get back in shape since February and it is not going terribly well. Maybe we should start an exercise support group! :o)

Anonymous said...

Lindsay, your blogs are so fun to read; it makes me feel like a normal person when I read someone going through the same thing as me lol. I also love to stay up late and sleep in the I ever became a teacher I don't know. I too love my job but am so tired. Up here in BC, Canada we (teaching colleagues), blame our exhaustion on the endless days of rain. Anyway, I love your doggy and seeing your latest house decorations. Please post again next school year. Have a great summer break (I have one more month to go)
Lori, Langley, BC

luckeyfrog said...

This is the first summer I'm not working full-time, and I have slept SO MUCH. It's wonderful. I just nap whenever I feel like it.

For me, I have to find the right exercise. Running? NOPE, I hate it. 'Working out' at the gym? Yeah, I'm going to stop doing that in like 2 weeks. Zumba? Especially with friends? Or any kind of dancing? Sign me up because it's FUN so I actually might stick with it. Hopefully it's just a matter of finding the right exercise :) Good luck and have a great summer!

Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

Lindsey Brouwers said...

you have a beautiful classroom! Have a great summer :)