June 16, 2013


Well, I've been out of town for the last week. The whole family (Finley included) loaded up my grandfather's Buick LeSabre (jealous, I know!) and headed to Springdale, Arkansas to see my brother play minor league baseball. We had a great trip, but it ended a little differently than we expected. My brother got released on the last day we were there. His team had too many pitchers. I know he's disappointed, but we're prayerful that there will be more opportunities for him to play ball. And if there aren't, we'll be totally psyched to have him and Blakely back in Tennessee!
Enough about that, on to the pictures!

Matt sent Finley a little text from Hampy before we left. It basically said that she couldn't wait to see her cousin :)

This is my new favorite picture of Finley. She sat and watched me pack forever!

And, she was pretty spoiled in the car! I don't think she spent an hour in the crate that was crammed in the backseat.

Nice night for baseball!

We were even there on Star Wars night!

One day, we drove over to Fayetteville to see the home of the Razorbacks. Can you see that lady? She was taking pictures of her family, who were standing on a roof inside the stadium! We were cracking up. They just, like, tromped through all the bushes and plants and climbed up there. Although, we can't judge because my dad tried to open every single door her could find.  

Oh, this is just the Titanic. We drove about two hours to Branson, MO one day. I have to say, I can happily check that off my list of places I've been and never go back. It was pretty nuts. We basically drove around and looked at stuff, I'm sure it's more fun if you actually do stuff! We did go to an outlet mall, so I guess it was worth the drive, ha!

We ate lunch at this café. Food was great. Entertainment was, well, interesting. There was a lady who was singing live and she was reallllllly chatty with the audience. I have a phobia of entertainers who interact with audience after a particular evening at Shoney's Family Fun Night when my mom had to ask the Shoney Bear to leave our table because I was crying. And I was in 8th grade. Not my most proud moment. So, needless to say, I was pretty busy the whole lunch trying not to make eye contact with this lady.

We got frozen custard at the cutest little shop!

In downtown Branson, we went in an old-fashioned 5 and Dime. It was so neat, but really crowded!

Me and my girl :)

I bought a new hat for my beach trip with friends in a few weeks. And, even though Matt's not a Royal anymore, I'm still glad I bought it. It was his team for four years and I'll always be thankful that they took a chance on drafting him when no other team would because he had Tommy John surgery a week before. You know who's not thankful? My grandpa. He's 89 and he's so sweet, but you do not want to make him mad! Yesterday, we were on the way home and my grandpa told us that he left all his Kansas City stuff at the hotel because he never liked that team anyway! We just died laughing.

Me and my "little" brother. And, I just want to say, I look like a COW in this shirt. Moo.

One night, my dad saw a player's family go out onto the field after the game to take pictures. I turned to my mom and said "Guaranteed, we'll be out on that field by the end of the week." Sure enough, the next night, there we were.

Some people saw Matt out there and he had to sign autographs for a while. Sorry, Matt!

Pool time was plentiful.

While we were there, I got brave and tried something new. Has anyone tried this stuff? It's spray moisturizing lotion and it is AMAZING! It smells soooooo good and it's not greasy at all. I highly recommend it!

Finley Girl did a great job in the hotel.

I took a picture of her one night in bed with my parents because it will probably never happen again...

Think she needs a haircut?

My grandpa, who never liked the Royals anyway.

Another day, we went to Bentonville. It's the home of Wal-Mart! This was the original store opened by the Walton's.

Inside was a museum. This was Sam Walton's office.

Bentonville has a really nice little square!

Finley was praying that we could go home! It was a looooong week.

Matt and Blakely's dog, Hampy. Isn't she cute?

I think mine's pretty cute, too :)
It was a fun trip.
Before I go, I want to wish my daddy a Happy Father's Day! He's the best and I love him so much!


the bozeman bungalow said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip! Thanks for the tip on the lotion too! :)