June 25, 2013

Flashback and a Road Trip

This post is going to be random, so buckle up! I was looking through my iPhone pics and found a bunch I hat blogged about. And, of course, none of them relate to each other whatsoever. But, oh well!

First of all, it's been ONE YEAR since this: 

I can't believe it. She's still not very big, but she's massive compared to the day I met her. I was so nervous for about two weeks because she was so tiny and I had no idea what to do with her. She pretty much just slept. And, honestly, she pretty much just sleeps now :)

I was packing one day last week and Finley was climbing over everything and eating all my clothes so I just put her in this laundry basket. And Miss Scaredy Cat was too chicken to jump out so she just say there. For a looooong time...

Aren't these hydrangeas gorgeous? They're my grandmothers. We went to visit her this weekend. It was a short visit because we brought her back here. My aunt and cousin are coming tomorrow and my brother and his wife are staying here for a while. So, we're gonna have quite the party this week and we didn't want my grandmother to miss out on all the fun! 

When we go to her house, we swing a lot. Mostly because it's cooler outside in the 90 degree heat than it is inside her house, ha.

On the way home, this spoiled little brat slept like a baby :) 

(I say that lovingly. She's not a brat. Usually.)

Look out, Franklin! A party animal is on the loose! 

When we got home, Finley spent a little time reading with my dad on the porch. 

Finley got a haircut and was looking a little poodle-y. 

And she got the best new toy. Because it keeps her verrrrrry busy. 

Know what's been keeping me very busy? 

Summer is perfect Harry Potter reading time. I read the whole series almost every summer. It's my favorite. I skipped the first two books this time because they're my least favorite and I read them at school to the kiddos. 

Okay, one last thing. I'm at my parents' house tonight and I came across these pictures and I love them! 

It's been five years this week since my sweet grandma passed away. She was amazing and I miss her like crazy.

This one just made me laugh. Look at our faces! 

And, this picture? It just screams summer to me. Tired, sunburned, dirty kids coming inside for dinner and baths. and look at those outfits?!? Hello, 1990! Ha! 

Well, thanks for reading. I know it was riveting information!


Alisha Colon said...

So glad to see that there are other random posters like me! :) Finley is so cute! I think my pooch is glad to have a little more time with me in the summer!

First Grade Follies

Lauren said...

When my Harper gets groomed, she often looks like a poodle too! So sweet!