June 29, 2013

Full House

 This week, my parents' house was full.
 Very full!
My grandmother, aunt Connie, cousin Lauren and her three kiddos all came to visit. And, Matt and Blakely and their dog were staying there too. And, I came over with Finley because I didn't want to miss out on all the fun!
We had a lot of fun. We didn't do much, just enjoyed spending time with family. And with three kids and two dogs running around, it was pretty loud!
It was like that scene in Christmas Vacation when everyone's just sitting there quietly and then... the doorbell rings and chaos ensues...
Hampy didn't even know what was about to hit her.
We had to take some selfies, because that's what kids do. And, hipsters do it too. But, we aren't hipsters. Nope. We're not.

Hipsters would totally know better than to put their knee in the shot.

We watched tv in all kinds of fun positions...

And, we loved on Baby K.

She's pretty sweet.

And, she's so squishy and cuddly. I mean, look at these rolls!

We may or may not have put Charles in a dog cage.

We definitely DID make a mess!
Those kids love to play with dog toys.

Abigail and I made cupcakes for Lauren's birthday. They were not so cute, but sooooo yummy!

Abby was a good helper!

That night on the couch, I had this on one side of me...

and, this on the other!

That would be my dog. In my mom's lap. Sometimes, I wrap her up like that because she scratches the heck out of my arms. But, yeah. She's spoiled rotten.
Another day, we went shopping.
This one slept.

This one wracked up and made some fierce poses.

And, this one stayed home with his cousin Matt. Because, he's a mess.
But, he sure is cute.

Hampy was ready for everyone to return to their regulary scheduled lives...

but, Finley loved every minute of the madness!


It was a fun week!


Lauren said...

So glad y'all had a great weekend! :)