June 2, 2013

On Display, On Display, On Display...

 They're baaaaaccckkkk!!!
I can't tell you how sooooo excited I was for the Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere tonight. I love all the Housewives franchises. (Well, except for Miami. Who watches that?) But, hands down, New Jersey has always been at the top of my list. I've said it before here on this blog, but I think the Guidice family is comedic gold. Gold. They should have their own show. I know Teresa has her faults, but I think all the other women are just as horrible - if not more so. And, I can't even begin to tell you how happy it's made me to see all the peoples on the internet start sticking up for Teresa. Yay #trehuggers! (Isn't that name hilarious? No, I didn't make it up. Do your research, people!) Ha.
I've never blogged about a tv show before. Well, that's not true. I have. But, I've never blogged about an episode of a show before. And I have a lot of thoughts about tonight's episode that I need to share. So, if you're not a fan of the show, this is not the post for you. Sorry.
-The show opened up with all the housewives  headed back to the Jersey Shore to see the damage after Hurricane Sandy. Sad stuff. Also sad? Rich and Kathy drove all the way out there to see their RENTAL HOUSE. Really, guys?? The damage to all of their homes was pretty severe. So severe that Teresa walked into her place and said "My house! What happened to it???" Um, a hurricane hit it. Remember? And, then she said she would have "drownded" if she had been in the home because she can't swim. Awesome.
-My favorite scene all night was seeing Teresa cleaning out her closet with a massive pile of hooker shoes and bedazzled clothes. And then she informs us that she's teaching her girls to give in times of need. And, really, what hurricane victim doesn't need gold glitter pumps and lacy dresses to wear while cleaning up the remains of their home? I'm picturing people on the Jersey Shore parading around in destruction dressed up like the girls on Sex in the City. Ha!
-Milania is my favorite person on the show. Heck, she's my favorite person on any show! But, she mad me sooo sad when she was saying how much she missed her family. And, she forgot little Gino's name! So, I thought it was adorable when Antonia sent her a letter (with her name spelled wrong, ha!) and Milania called her back and asked for a playdate. I'll get to the playdate in a second, but I just have to say how sweet it was to see little cousins love each other so much. Growing up, my cousins were my best friends so I completely understand that. And, best quote of the night comes from little Miss Milania, while holding a cosmetic mirror up to her face: " I hate my nose hairs! I need them to be gone!" LOVE HER!
-Now, about this playdate... I applaud Teresa for trying to set one up. She realized that the girls deserved to see each other and immediately let Milania call her cousin to set one up. Melissa was all cagey and non-committal and of COURSE waited until she was at Caroline's to text her about it. And here's the thing. Melissa was wrong. She made the playdate all about her. I mean, did she honestly think Teresa was going to talk about her in front of her child????? Come on. There is absolutely no reason to think that. Do I think Teresa says stuff about Melissa in front of her own kids? Yes. Should she? No. And Joe was horrible to call Melissa "Horsey Face" in front of Milania. But, I've never seen any instance where Teresa's been anything but sweet with her nieces and nephews. And, it's pretty amazing that Melissa brought all this up in front of Caroline, dragging her into it, and then had the guts to say it was none of her business when she asked Joey to dinner. Um, you made it her business. And, you made it America's business by coming on the show to cause trouble. There, I said it. Then, at the playdate, she was awful. She wouldn't let the kids just play and she was kind of mean about the communion, too. I'm sorry, but if you think Teresa is the problem in this situation, you're crazy.

I don't think Teresa is innocent in all this. AT ALL. But, what frustrates me is that all the others gang up on her and say she never takes responsibility for anything. But neither do they! They all do the exact same things and somehow, she's the bad guy? I don't buy that. It just irks me how Melissa and Caroline and Jacqueline and Kathy all feel that they are sooooo innocent and such victims and that is CLEARLY not the case.
-So, can we all just take a minute to DIE LAUGHING about the fact that Caroline moved to Hoboken to be closer to her precious sons? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously. She wonders why her daughter has self-esteem issues? Maybe because your entire life revolves around your boys and Lauren feels like the red-headed step child of the family? It still doesn't make me like Lauren, because she gets waaaaay to involved in the affairs of her parent's friends. And, luckily, there was no sight of Albie or Crittofer tonight, so that's always good. One more thing about Caroline: I read online that she was majorly playing damage control this season because she realized that she came off as a whiny shrew last season, and no one liked her anymore. Well, that certainly seems to be the case. And, that's fine. Whatever her intentions, I, for one, would welcome a nicer Caroline.
-Now, Jacqueline. Look, her son is adorable and it was really sad to see him struggle. But, don't let her fool you. Her whole shctick all the time is "I don't want the drama!" That's clearly not the case. She wants it. She needs it. She thrives on it. This chick gets in Twitter wars with people all the time. She involves her teenage daughter in it. She eats it up. Always has.
-And, why is Kathy even on this show?
Okay, that's my two cents on the first episode. Can't wait for the rest of the season!