June 8, 2013

What I Listen To (Fun Classroom Edition)

Do you ever have times in your classroom at school when you just want to have a little fun? Or times when you don't mind the kids being a little less "structured"? Or when you need a fun song for a transition or a game?

Well, I certainly do.

I'd say the week and a half before school got out this year, I played this playlist about 50 times. And the kids sang and danced and worked their TAILS off each and every time. It was a lot of fun, I must admit. And, when you're stressed and tired and have a ton of work to do, it always feels good to take part in an impromptu sing-along with your kiddos!

I put together a playlist of fun, clean songs that are appropriate for children that I can play in moments of happiness. And, I wanted to share it because when I was making it, I had trouble finding a lot of songs that were *just right*. I've had the same playlist for about 5 years and every year (first grade or third) the kids are DELIGHTED when I ask them if they want some "fun" music. One day, I tried to find good stuff on Pandora for them and I swear, my kids begged me to play our playlist because they're familiar with those songs and love to sing along :)

So, here's the music we play during the good times...

1. Fun, Fun, Fun - The Beach Boys
2. Baby Hold on to Me - Eddie Money
3. Hakuna Matata - The Lion King
4. Gotta Go My Own Way - High School Musical
5. Upside Down - Jack Johnson
6. ABC -Jackson 5
7. I Want You Back - Jackson 5
8. I Just Can't Wait to be King - The Lion King
9. The Time of Your Life - Randy Newman
10. You've Got a Friend in Me - Randy Newman
11. Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Isreal Kamamawiwo'ole
12. Send Me on My Way - Rusted Root
13. I'm a Believer - Smash Mouth
14. Build Me Up, Buttercup - The Temptations
15. Start of Something New - High School Musical
16. Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts
17. Strangers Like Me - Phil Collins
18. Two Worlds - Phil Collins

As you can see, a lot of old songs and a lot of Disney. But, I'm telling you, every class I've ever had has adored these songs. 

And, there's something so freeing about just turning the music on and letting them sing along as they work. 

Try it, I promise you won't be disappointed!