July 17, 2013

Beach Trip!

I've been in Destin this week on a girl's trip! It's been so much fun! We're leaving in the morning. Here are some pictures. And, we don't do bathing suit pictures so they are verrrry limited, ha! 

Before we left, I had to take the pup to my mom's. I'll just say it: she likes my mom ten times more than she'll ever like me. They are best buds! I'm a little worried that she's gonna be sad when I bring her back home tomorrow. But, I miss that little stinker a ton!

My view the whole way down to Florida :)

The first night, the sky was gorgeous! 

Sometimes, you just have to take a selfie when you're at the beach.

Dinner at Pompano Joe's, when I inadvertently got a salad that was quite possibly the biggest salad in the world.

Relaxing at the condo! 

Last night, The Bachelorette was on and it was pouring outside. So, we had a nail painting party! I'm currently obsessed with China Glaze nail polish. I just bought Flip Flop Fantasy and Pool Party and they are amazing! 

Tonight on the beach, we saw THREE weddings! Who knew Tuesday was the day everybody got married? 

We found a girl to take our picture. I'm just going to post them all because I like them :) But, they're pretty much all the same, ha!

It was such a fun trip!

Eta: I just got home and Finley didn't forget who I was! Yay! I don't know who was happier. Well, actually, I do. It was definitely me! So happy to get my girl back :)


Lauren said...

So glad you had a great time on the beach!

FYI: Harper (my Maltese) loves my mother more than me!