July 29, 2013

Just all kinds of stuff...

Oh, goodness.


Guys, school starts in 3 days! Thursday. I mean, is that not crazy?
Yes, it is. It's crazy. I'll answer for you.
I'll say I'm ready. I guess I am. The room is done and ready for the kids. I'm definitely more prepared this year than last year because I actually know what third grade is like, now. That's a step in the right direction, right?
I'll be honest, though. I'm still nervous. I guess I'll always be nervous before a new school year starts, no matter how many new school years I've prepared for. I'm a worrier, what can I say?
In the meantime, I have about a million and one pictures on my phone that I want to share. Mostly of Finley. Because she's darn precious, ya'll.
 I had to go to the dermatologist last Friday in Franklin. And, I went to meet my mom for lunch at Merridee's. It's the BEST place to eat lunch in downtown Franklin. We always get the chicken salad sandwich, pasta salad and fruit tea - yum, yum!
 I was looking through the brochures that I had my kids last year make for my kids this year. They're basically just full of information about our class. And, I had forgotten about this little gem, ha! I promise I don't laugh at kids who say words wrong. Every time.
 This turkey spent about 15 minutes standing on her hind legs and growling at the kitchen. Because the ice dropped into the container in the freezer. Yeah. Fun times.
 And, her new favorite place to lay is on my keyboard. Maybe because it's warm? It's fine and dandy until she inevitably hits a button and messes up everything I'm doing on my computer. Not so cute then, I have to say.
No story with this one. I just like it :)

 In puppy jail...
 Have you been to Target lately? They have the BEST shoes right now! And, I couldn't decide which ones I liked best, so I just got them both. Yeah, I did.
This is our other new hangout. We LOVE to growl and bark at cars, bike riders, squirrels, children, leaves, air, grass, imaginary things...

 This weekend, we had a girl weekend at my grandma's. My great uncle was turning 80 years old. So, we had a little fun and made him a snack card!
  The next day, we went to the We Care. It's like a Goodwill. Only better! I got all these books for 13 dollars! I really like to buy books from my childhood to put in my library. I figure these kiddos get exposed to SpongeBob enough, they need some classics! Like, Full House books? Classics.
 Just swinging away in the country.
Ha! This pictures cracks me up.

I've been awful about posting house pictures. I have had a new hutch in my house for 4 months that I haven't even mentioned. I don't know what's gotten into me. But, I found this deer head/antler thingy at TJ Maxx and I fell in love! A little white spray paint did the trick and I'm excited to move it around from room to room. But, since school starts Thursday, I'll betcha' it'll stay put for a while :)
Welp, since I have inservice at 8 in the morning, I should go to bed. And, by bed, I mean scower the internet for more information about the Guidice's going to jail. Did you hear about that? CrAzY!


pfon said...

I just love your blog girl. It is also nice to see and hear that not only first year teachers are excited about the start of the school year. So many teachers I am around just shrug at decorating or planning. That is some of the fun parts of teaching. Good luck with inservice.



Lauren said...

Love your leopard shoes from Target!

Goodwill books for my classroom are my favorite! So happy you are ready for school!

Beth said...

Love your blog! "You had me" at Tim Riggins as I am a big FNL fan :) I am teaching a 3/4 split this year but school doesn't start for me until September 5th. Of course we went until June 28 this year. Anyways, love your classroom and I will pop in again.