July 2, 2013

Somebody Stop Me!

No really.
I can NOT stop making stuff for my classroom! It's sooo fun and sooo addicting! This is not a new problem for me. I go through this every summer. One year, I made so much stuff that I lost the feeling in my right hand for two weeks. I'm not exaggerating.
I wish I was.
But, guys, this is me:
Can I get an amen??
But, honestly, I just enjoy making stuff. I took art all four years in high school and I think classroom crafting is my way of getting out all that art angst I have since I don't do it regularly anymore. Or at least that's what I tell myself.
This weekend, I went to Michaels. Big mistake. The canvases were 50% off. So, I got one. This wasn't just a frivolous purchase. I lost one of my favorite classroom pieces in the Great Floor Waxing of 2013.
RIP, painting. I will miss you. We had some good times.
So, anyways, I took the new canvas and painted it blue. Then, I made a sun with scrapbook paper, wrote the word shine on it and used a generous helping of Modge Podge to fancy it up. The inspiration came from a painting I had seen on Pinterest a long time ago.
And, waa-laa!
I mean, it's far from perfect. There's a giant bubble in the middle, ha. But, I like it. It serves it's purpose: it's colorful and fun. (It's also not that dark. I'm just obsessed with dark filters on Instagram...) I'll show you where it's new home is when school starts. I just know you're on pins and needles!
This project led to another one. I've been wanting to make a balloon wreath for two years and I just never got around to it. So, I bought a five dollar wreath at Walmart, about a million push pins and some balloons.
I'm in love.
I did take the pins out of the ribbon and hot glued that sucker on when I got it to school. I just have a very sketchy glue gun at home. It was a relatively quick and definitely easy craft. It was kind of therapeutic sticking all those pins in... it doesn't take much, folks.
Today, I went to the Parent Teacher Store. I have to say, every year, I buy less and less there. I just think all that mass-produced stuff is losing it's appeal to me. I did buy one border for my hallway bulletin board, some name tags for the desks and some clips to hang things from the ceilings.
Next, I went into Hobby Lobby. Or, as I like to call it, Heaven on Earth.
And, guess what?
Ribbon was 50% off!
I went a little crazy.
(To be fair, I already had two of them. But, yeah. Still crazy.)
I also got some chevron fabric to use in my room. I want to cover some of my bookcases and I needed something kind of simple.
When I got home, I put all that ribbon to good use. I have this one wall in my classroom that gives me trouble. Here it is:
The problem is the space between the two bulletin boards. It's just awkward because of the tv. I tried hanging anchor charts there and it didn't work well. Plus, those cords hanging down are obnoxious, but necessary. So, yeah. I wanted something colorful and useful to stay there permanently.
Well, I used some inspiration from about three different pins I saw on Pinterest and decided to make an academic vocabulary word wall for that space. I have a word wall. But, it gets really cluttered and I hate that the words are all mixed together.
Here's what I made:
I'm so excited to see how they look in that space! I pretty much had to hide my keys from myself to keep from driving up to school this afternoon and hanging them up, ha! I plan to make vocabulary cards on white index cards and even including the definitions on the cards. And the best part? Third graders can make them themselves! I love that the words will all be split up by subject instead of just jumbled up on one big wall. And, I'll still use the big word wall for our weekly vocabulary words we learn from the stories we read. Plus, I think it will make me be more conscious about vocabulary which is one of my goals this year. Win/win, friend.
This weekend, my mom's gonna' help me turn this:
into some fun pom-poms!
Seriously, somebody needs to stop me.


Lauren said...

No! Don't stop! I love your inspiration. Can I be nosey and ask how much the chevron fabric was?

I'm wanting to make some curtains for my classroom!

Lindsay said...

I bought 3 yards and I think it rang up $14...

mQs said...

This is all so cute! I have a feeling in several years when have my own classroom I will be the same way!


Mrs. Anderson said...

All of your projects turned out AWESOME!! I love making things for my classroom as well. Keep it up!
Connie Anderson:)

Elisabeth said...

So cute! Tomorrow is our last day of summer school so I'm trying to give myself a few weeks before getting back into school mode, but this post does not make it easy!!! :)

Daniel, Melissa, and Garrett said...

Come do some crafting in room 507. :)
Everything looks great, as always!

Marianna Dunn said...

You don't need to stop - you just need to bring all your creative juices over to my eastern NC classroom!

Um...and that balloon wreath - LOVE. I've been wanting some type of something for my door but can't find anything just right. That might just be it :)

Mrs. Shaffer said...

I LOVED reading this post. I've been so addicted to making things for my classroom this summer - it's nice to see other people with the same problems! ;)