August 8, 2013

Half a week down!

We've officially been in school for a half a week. Which is nuts. It feels like the longest week there's ever been. Today should have at least been Thursday! Ha. I'm going to make a list of stuff tonight of everything I wanted to share because its easiest and I'm dog tired.

-Speaking of dogs, this one went to the vet today! She weighs 7.5 pounds (although at least a pound of that is fur!) and she's healthy as a horse. But, man alive, why are vet visits so expensive?? 

-School's been going good! I was honestly terrified after the first day. I though these kids were going to be a rough group based on the three hours we spent together. And then I went in the hallway and saw all my kids from last year and wanted to weep. Literally. But, these kiddos are growing on me every day and their behavior is fine. They're still adjusting to everything, but they're no worse than any other group I've ever had. And, they're pretty stinking cute, so that always helps :) 

-We had a little roster drama and I've ended up with four new kids. Three of which I had in first grade. And I love them all! I hate that they're having to move rooms, but I'm happy to have them join the crew. I loved the chance last year to teach some of my sweet kiddos from first grade and this year was my last chance to get to do that, so I'm a-ok with getting some new kiddos!

-We've been a little random and scattered in what we've been working on this week. We've done a lot of visualizing... 

and project making...

and talking about what makes good classrooms...

Apparently, they're worried I'm going to hit people? 

-One new thing I've tried this year is using song cues. I have been playing a song when it's time for Morning Meeting, a clean up song and a pack-up song at the end of the day. So far, I'm loving it! But, I've been having to use my phone to play them and I don't love that! 

-I just love this picture :)

-I have no self control when I'm tired so I ate this tonight: 

I don't even feel bad about it! Not. At. All. 

Okay, I'm off to bed! Adios!


Jessica said...

Sounds like you're off to a great start. Looking at your post makes me a little envious. ;) I don't have my own classroom yet. Last year I was an itinerate Title 1 tutor, and this year, I still have no idea what I'm doing. YIKES! I love how you play music in your classroom, and ice cream is the best remedy for ANYTHING!! I wish you lots of luck! ;)

Emilee said...

I want to learn how to change my background on my blog and title area and stuff. Can you teach me?

Lindsay said...

Well, I just pay ten bucks and have someone else do it for me :) But, I can still remember some stuff... I'd be happy to show you what I know!