September 3, 2013

All These Things...

I'm totally going to be one of those annoying people who doesn't blog for a month and then does about 4 posts in a day. So scroll up and down to see some new posts, if you're so inclined.
So, all these things are what's going on over here the last few weeks...
 This is very blog-worthy! I cleaned my room for the FIRST TIME since school started. Terrible? Yes. Am I sorry? No.
 My Doodle-Bug realllllly needed a haircut!
 One day about two weeks ago, I made this little sucker right smack dab in the middle of the Reading Block. Yes, I did. Because, my kiddos were just about to kill each other. And, I know LOVE this little contraption. It makes my life a lot easier. The kids love it, too. Because they get to sit in fun places like the windowsill and on top of desks. It's pretty exciting, I do admit.  (I did not come up with this idea, btw. I've seen them all over Pinterest!)
 This is what I stare at all afternoon. Every afternoon. Just so you know...
 Our school is having a fundraiser. And, I just felt really strongly that I should help the kids. Yes, that's it. It's all for the kids. It's a crying shame I had to eat all that chocolate :(
Two weekends ago, my parents and I went to have breakfast with my grandpa. Isn't he the cutest thing ever?

 Well done, IHOP. Well done.
 Back at my grandpa's house, my dad and aunts did some cleaning. We found a HUGE box of my grandmother's jewelry. I found this "R" pin in one of the boxes. It's a pin from the Ravens, my brother's rival team when he was about 11-15 years old. There is no rivalry quite as large as the rivalry between middle school aged baseball travel teams. So, I was surprised that she kept this pin! And, there wasn't a Bandit pin to be found! Ha.
The vacuum cleaner may or may not have nearly exploded.

 I picked out a nice stack of vintage bangles. I love them! Especially because they were my grandmother's.
 I also got a MAJOR stack of Little Golden Books for my school library!
That night, there were hot air balloons above my neighborhood. I was on a walk with my mom and I ran back to the house to grab my phone to take a picture. Sadly, this was the only one left!

 The Finster finally got her haircut! And, it is SHORT!
 So short, in fact, that I had to put pajamas on her because she was shaking! Ha. I keep my air on 67, so no hair = very cold, apparently!
 But, she didn't like my idea. No pajamas. Point taken.
 Last Wednesday, my mom came to get Finley during the day and she left me a little surprise! Isn't it so cute? Thanks, Mama!
 This is what I treat myself to when I complete my first observation of the year. Think I was excited to get that thing over with???
 Thursday, I received the sweetest darn note I've ever gotten from a kid at school. It made my day. Seriously.
And, Thursday night, we had a Family Literacy Night at school. The place was PACKED!

This is my classroom FULL of children while their parents learned how to help them be better readers at home. This is just the front of the room. And, there were about 6 other classrooms full of children. Uh-mazing!
Well, was that random or what?? Ha. Thanks for peeking in on my incredibly boring, but busy, life!


Mrs. Anderson said...

I like the way you celebrate with chocolate:) I do, too!! The note you got from one of your students is so sweet!! I hope you saved it so that you can read it again in the future.
Connie Anderson:)
Welcome To First Grade Room 5

Lauren said...

I love your view in the afternoons! Sometimes, that is when I love my little classroom the most! :)

mQs said...

Your bedroom and classroom are both decorated so cute!