September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

It was a great weekend, but it started off rocky and it ended terrible! I got a migraine at school Friday and had to leave early. But, by Friday afternoon I was better. We headed to my grandmother's house in Gleason, TN. We had a great time visiting with family. We got back Sunday and I woke up on Monday with a ROTTEN stomach flu. It was awful, ya'll. Seriously no fun at all. But, I'm feeling better-ish today and I haven't blogged in a while. So, here's a photo recap of the weekend...
 This little creature LOVES to ride in the car. She spends about the first 30 minutes with her eyes wide open just checking everything out. Then, when she's satisfied that we're there for a while, she curls up in my lap and snoozes. I try not to be too jealous.
 My two cousins got up super early Saturday to run a 5K. When they got home, Baby Kirsten chewed on the medal in her diaper. As you do...
When we got to the parade, we saw these cuties drive up in the golf cart! This is my great-uncle Edmond and his grandkids: Mattie, Will and Carson.

They were climbing all over that golf cart!

 Will's pretty cute. I think his momma's gonna' have her hands full :)
My grandma and my cousins' kids waiting on the parade to start...

Charlie-Boo was all about some candy!

 This is Carson. Carson is the first red-head in the family since Matt and I! So, needless to say, I kind of love him. Plus, he has a mischievous grin that I kind of love :) He was totally my buddy on Saturday. He sat in my lap the whole parade!
 And, I can't believe Mattie is a big ol' third grader now! We take this picture every year. Here is a picture from one of her first TaterTown Days...
Later that day, I tried to get a picture with Baby K. And, well, usually I have to get several takes because I look awful! But, this time, I'll let you see why we had to take it several times...

Come on, Kirsten! You can do it!

 There ya go!
We spent about 4 hours at the Dairy Queen waiting on these jokesters to eat their ice cream. Kids eat sooooooo slow!

Back at the house, we spent some time swinging. It's our favorite thing to do at MomMom's!

 Charles said to me "I take picture?" He did a pretty good job, huh!
 Saturday night, I painted Abigail's cute little toenails :)

And, Finley climbed up in my lap and was snoozing in no time.
It was a great weekend! Except for the puking...