October 4, 2013

Just Because...

Well, guess what??

Here's a clue.

Uh, no. I'm not having a baby. No way. 

But... these guys are!

Which means I'm going to be an aunt!!! 

And I had to share it just because I've been keeping the secret for a really long time! I could not be more excited. Seriously could not.

Congratulations to the happy parents and to my happy parents who are finally going to have real grandchildren, in addition to their two grand dogs. 

Get ready to see lots of baby pictures on the blog starting in April! Just because I love that little thing already!

And in other news...

My friends and I had a pumpkin pairing party tonight!

Just because we see all these cute pumpkin ideas all over Pinterest. It was so much fun! 

We started off with this...

And we ended up with this...

Here are the ones I painted.

And painted is a pretty loose term. Just sayin.

Not too much else has been going on. We start our two week Fall Break today so I'm feeling pretty good right now. Good, but tired. Just because it's been a long two months. And, october's always the point when you're like "Yeah, this is fun and all? But, so was summer. And report cards are due in, like, a day." 

And, just because I believe in posting everything I can in one post, even if they all have nothing to do with each other, I'll share some other stuff. Just because.

Just because I love her and this is my new favorite picture.

Just because it was Throwback Thursday and my mom dressed us like pilgrims.

Just because I thought it was funny that this kiddo was wearing two shout out buttons, a birthday button and a name tag. All at the same time...

Just because I think this story is cute. 

And this one.

Just because she let me put a bow in her hair for about 20 seconds.

Just because a kid told me that she didn't want to be a part of a world without pears. In all seriousness. FYI: I laughed. Because, how can you not?

Just because this kid rocked a Harry Potter shirt after school Tuesday and I was a wee bit jealous.

Just because my kiddos had so much fun making this and asked if we could do MORE research!

And, now I'm going to bed.

Just because...