November 20, 2013

Field Trip!

We had the best field trip today! We took our kids to the Parthenon. Obviously, not the one in Athens. But, since Nashville is the Athens of the South, we have our very own replica! And, it's pretty awesome.

Since we had three classes going and we needed two groups, I had to split my classes up. It was fine, but it felt weird for half my kiddos to be missing all day!

Which was a little sad, because these kids were soooo excited! 

One little girl wore an owl necklace in honor of Athena. That's one of her symbols. And, another little girl wore a green shirt to represent Poseidon's hair and blue pants to represent his eyes. I mean, if that's not obsession, I don't know what is! 

And, it's really cute how certain kids just develop a love for a certain god/goddess.   One little girl in my class looooves Pandora and she would squeal every time she was mentioned. Ha!

When we got there, my group started off outside in Centennial Park. We walked around the Parthenon, looked at the statues and plane/train replicas and then spent about 30 minutes at the duck pond. 

Look how little they are next to such a big building! 

I love Centennial Park. I've been going there since I was a little kid!

This is a random plane. The kids kept trying to jump up and grab it. Ha! There was also a train, but I didn't get any pictures of it. Mostly, because I was pulling kids off it and pointing out the "No Climbing" signs. 

Look at all the ducks, geese, pigeons, whatever. There were about a million and they were all different. I remember going to feed these ducks as a kid. The kiddos had a BLAST. A random family was there feeding them bread and they shared some of it with my kids and it seriously made their day :) 

This is me and Jennifer, the other teacher in my group. We may or may not have screamed about twenty times as pigeons dived at our heads and our kids. So scary!!

These three little guys spent the whole trip taking pictures with their hands. They are three little boys who always try to be "cool" so it kinda warmed my heart that they were doing this.

I let a kid take this picture as we were standing in line to go inside. I kinda love it! 

Here is the lady, herself. Athena!! She was soooo big!

Little kiddos in front of a biggggg statue!

They also had these remnants. The scenes are the same ones as the the ones on the front of the Parthenon.

All in all, it was a great trip. The only downside was getting back to school about 15 minutes before the kids had to be at specials. Sooooo, we ate lunch in 10 minutes. Or probably less. Ha. 

But, you can tell third graders that anything is fun, and they'll believe you ;) 

Thanks for reading! 


Anonymous said...

I really like seeing other parts of the US. I didn't realize there was a replica of the Parthenon in your area. The only thing close to that up here in Vancouver, Canada would be the Colosseum design of our public library. Looks like you had a beautiful day too.
Lori in Langley