November 9, 2013

It's a Girl!

I'd like to introduce you to my niece.

Her name is Ryan Grace.

 And she is gonna' be one loved little girl.

We had a gender reveal party tonight. 

Everyone voted for pink or blue. You can see what Aunt Lindsay voted for :)

The theme was Baseballs or Ballet. We decked out the house! 

My mom and I made two banners. We made one that said Ryan Grace and one that said Lofton, their boy name. We use scrapbook paper and ribbon. My mom just sewed it all together with her sewing machine. And we bought some cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby, painted them white and glued them on! We wanted them to be a good quality so that Blakely could use them in the baby's room or in future pictures if she wanted to. 

Workin' on them!

They hung in my mom's kitchen for a week so that they wouldn't get bent!

This is where theyhung for the party.

I guess they'll have to save the Lofton banner for the future ;)

Miss Ryan Grace has already wracked up some pretty sweet goodies. 

I mean, seriously? I'm gonna' go broke. I've already started pinning baby clothes that she just HAS to have! 

It's all just too sweet. 

Ryan Grace Ridings, you better get ready because your Aunt Lindsay is going to kiss your face off and spoil you rotten! 


Lauren said...

So sweet! Oh, I can't wait to be an aunt!

the bozeman bungalow said...

Excited for you guys!!!