November 19, 2013

Just Keep Blogging...

I'm the worst blogger. Ever. I apologize to the twelve people and my mom who regularly read this blog. Ha! There are always fun things going on in third grade. But, at the end of the day, I'm just so tired. And taking pictures is far from my mind.

I do take a million random pictures that basically are a snooze-fest to everyone but myself. But, luckily for me, this is my blog! So, I'm gonna post them. Because, I do enjoy going back and looking at old pictures. 

So, here we go.

I'll start with my recent purchases.

First up: I just ordered new boots! 

Confession time: my name is Lindsay and I don't like boots that touch my calves. Is that weird? It's totally true, though. My calves aren't fat, but they certainly aren't thin either. I'd say they're average calves, that's a thing, right? Well, every pair of boots I try on are tight on my calves. Like, they fit, but I like then loose. Dilemma. 

I've seriously tried on about 20 pairs. One pair would fit in the calves but be weird in the front. Then the next pair would be too  tight. Uhhhhh. And I wanted them to be a little taller than my current pair. And, I'm kinda into the gray boots instead of the cognac color I've always bought.

Soooooo, long story short, I bought some on Zappos. That are grey and that have a bigger calf opening.  They're supposed to be loose. We shall see. They'll probably be too loose. Because that's how it usually goes. They got delivered to my parents' house, so I'm gonna try them on this weekend. I'll let you know. I'm sure you'll be dying to know!!! 

Oh, and I also bought a few things for my  niece who won't even be here until April. You stop judging me right now. 

For days when she's feeling a little sassy...

And, for days when she's feeling a little sweet. ( I didn't take a picture of the whole thing because it's a shower gift. Don't want to ruin the surprise.)

Okay, one more peek...
Yes, that is smocking. Swooooooooon.

My mom bought some sweet smocking too. Shopping for baby girls is reallllly fun, you guys! 

My mom also pulled all my old dresses out of the attic for Ryan Grace. They're obviously wrinkled and need to be dry cleaned. But, I'm glad they're gonna get some use! 

In other news, it's been really cold here. The kind of cold that makes you want to stay in and be cozy. (Okay, I pretty much always want to do that anyways.)

I got a little adventurous last week and made some scrumptious brown sugar pork chops! Perfect for a cold night! They were soooo good. I got the recipe off Pinterest. And, they smelled a-mazing! 

I also put my flannel sheets on my bed! You know it's cold if I do that! I pretty much always sleep with the windows open and a fan blowing on me. Ha! 

Finley was completely weirded out! 

Speaking of Finley, she's going to Pet Smart this weekend for the first time to get groomed. She usually goes to a lady that does it from home. But, she was all booked up and this thing hassss to have a cut before Thanksgiving. Has to. 

Clearly, she's really stressed about it!

On Tuesdays, I do an after school program for third and fourth graders. It's hands-down my favorite part of the week. Today, we had some leaf throwin' fun!

I took the boys and we made a massie pile of leaves! They had so much fun and literally worked on this for 45 minutes. Then I let them jump on them. Which probably wasn't safe, but it was really fun! They all started singing Wrecking Ball, which cracked. me. up. Hearing 9 year old boys singing that song is pretty funny. I just hope none of them have ever seen the video: yikes.

Oh, and check out this sweet bracelet one of the kiddos made for me! I'm wearing it with pride! 

This was the sunset around these parts today. Just beautiful!

Here's a little sneak peek of what we've been working on at school: 

And, were going to Nashville's replica of the Parthenon on a field trip tomorrow! My kiddos could not be more excited! I'm gonna try to get some more pictures this week and I'll come back and post about our Ancient Greece unit. It's nothing special, but the kids have been soooo into it! 

Okay, well since we have a field trip tomorrow, I better go to bed! 

Thanks for reading! 


Anonymous said...

Love the photos of Finley! Looking forward to the "after" photos.