November 3, 2013

My Place

My mom saw that I blogged yesterday and she got all excited. And, then, when she saw that it was a post about school and leaves, well, let's just say she lost her excitement. Ha! She said I never blog about house stuff anymore and she's right, I don't.

Mostly, I don't blog about my place because it's not very big and I feel like you've seen it. I don't feel like I need to update the internet on every single new lampshade or pillow I buy. And, believe me, I buy quite a bit. 

But, since my mom asked for pictures and since I've bought a few things recently, I'm going to post a home tour. And, again, my place is tiny so it's really only about four rooms. It's small, but I've tried to make it as cozy as possible.

The Living Room

This is my foyer area. If you can even call it that, ha. But, it's the perfect spot for my new Dash and Albert rug and this painting that I bought off Etsy.

It's a little funky, but I just love all the color!

This hutch is a newish purchase that I'm not sure I've ever blogged about! I went to dinner with my teammates one night at the end of last school year. We had a few extra minutes before we had to be back at school for a performance, so we ran in an antique store. And, well, impulsive me walked out the new owner of this! 

It honestly may be my favorite piece in my house. I slid the stool underneath it, but they match perfectly! 

I've been keeping my milkglass collection inside. I need more, but I'm off to a good start. I have a ten dollar rule - I don't buy it if it's more than ten dollars. Because, really, it's all about the hunt :)

I really need some more substantial seating in this room. But, that's something that I'm on the lookout for. I still, after two years, haven't really decided what I want in here and I don't have the money to just buy stuff to try it out, ha! 

I changed out the lampshades in these fun little buffet lamps and I love them now! I think they add to the eclectic feel of my house.

This painting is between the lamps. It's one of my favorites because of the colors! It was a thirty dollar thrift store find. 

I also got a new pillow for this room from World Market. 

This piece is a flea market find and I love it so much! 

This painting was a flea market find, too!

So was this one. I bet you can't tell that that's my favorite place to shop, can you? 

Sorry the lighting is weird from this angle, it must be the window. The love seat is a charcoal grey.

I like a lot of pillows. Obviously. 

The Kitchen

This is the hallway leading into the kitchen and den area. 

I found these vintage salt and pepper shakers at a thrift store recently for a dollar each. They're teal, if you can't tell in the picture.

And I found this canister to match at World Market. Love that place! 

The rug in front of the sink came from Target. 

Here's the hallway leading into the den. Excuse that brown rug. That's there because Finley likes to eat my carpet. 

I really like this little table. It's a perfect size for this short wall and a great place to display picture frames and a lamp! 

The Den

I've rearranged that table in the corner about a million times and I still don't really like it. Any tips? Maybe I need to go shopping...

The curtains in this room are from World Market. I think I'm getting tired of them. I'm definitely on the lookout for new fabric. But, I do love the colors so I'm thinking something similar, but not so busy? 

I bought the black and white pillow on my recent trip to IKEA. 

I have a little gallery wall going on right here. The Keep Calm print is from Etsy, the oil painting is from the flea market and so are the frames.

And, the deer head is from TJ Maxx. I adore him! 

I bought the rust colored zebra pillow at TJ Maxx, too! 

Master Bedroom

I rearranged this room over fall break. It's very eclectic and random, but really, that's kinda my style. When my roommate gets married in the Spring, I will be moving all of this into the guest room and redoing my room. 

I moved my giant dresser between my bathroom and the closet. And, it barely fits! But I'm keeping it because it gives me so much more space in my room! 

And I moved this smaller cabinet onto this wall. I basically just swapped them. But, when the dresser was on this wall, it covered up some of the windows and I didn't like that. 

New pillow from World Market. (Okay, not new. But I've never blogged about it.
So, it counts, right?)

This HUGE shelf is above my bed. I pray every night it doesn't fall on my head, ha!

My red lamps came from TJ Maxx. 

And this painting came from Tuesday Morning.

My duvet was a $30 clearance find from Target! 

The white chenille blanket on the bed was another IKEA buy.

That scrolly wall thing is something I bought in college! Ha! It's been about four colors. 

Well, I think that's it. I think I've caught you up on my whole house. Not too much has changed. And there probably won't be too many more house updates until the Spring when I start moving things around when my roommate moves out. 

If you're still reading this, bless your heart. Seriously :) 


Mrs. Anderson said...

I enjoyed the tour of your house. It looks great!! I especially like your taste in paintings, pillows and antique furniture.
Connie Anderson:)
Welcome To First Grade Room 5