November 24, 2013

Never Say Never

In the immortal words of one Justin Beiber, never say never.

Never say you'll never put up your Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. Because, you may contradict yourself. 

That's just what I did. But, y'all? I feel like it's flying by this year. And, if I don't get all my decorations out now, I'm afraid I won't get to enjoy them. 

So, today, I just put it all out. Why not, ya know? I'm pretty sure that this year is my favorite in terms of decorating. I tried some new things and I loveeee how it all turned out! 

So, welcome to my Winter Wonderland! 

The Living Room

The Den

The Kitchen


I maaaaay have gone a little overboard this year. But, it makes me happy :) 

Oh, and what was Finley doing during all of this? Sleeping in her cage. She had her fun yesterday...

Happy (almost) Holidays! 


Lori Smith said...

I love your decorations, and your home is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

The Reinspired Teacher

Lauren said...

WHAT! Everything is beautiful! Come decorate for me!