November 21, 2013

Poseidon: A God with a Posse

That's the joke a kid told me today. Which god has a posse? He said "Poseidon" and then died laughing. I'm just glad he knows what a posse is, really. Ha!

We've spent the last two weeks studying the Greek gods. This is my first experience with teaching this and I had my doubts. I didn't think the kids would be too into it, but ohmyword. I couldn't possibly have been more wrong! My kids were obsessed. Totally obsessed. 

I posted yesterday about our field trip to the Parthenon. That's what prompted the unit. And, myths of course. 

We started off just researching Ancient Greece. We made some bubble maps to write facts that we learned. This got the kiddos all excited.

Then, the next few days, we researched individual gods and goddesses. We made flip books to record all the information we learned. Simple, easy, fun. 

Please don't look too close to all that writing. It was just pure, unadulterated furious writing while I was reading information to them. And, truthfully, even on our best days, writing is a struggle this year. We're working on it! 

As they were filling these flip books out, I also read them a bunch of myths. They were just in awe of every little bit of it! 

Starting early this week, my kids did some research on their favorite god or goddess. I just let them completely pick their favorite, so we had a ton of repeats. They had a little grid with some research questions they had to find the answer to. I even let them use the Google to find information! Ha! 

Yesterday, I gave then another template with a place for a topic sentence, detail sentences and a closing sentence. After they were the sentences in the template, they had to transfer it to paper.

I bought a pack of giant paper people at the teacher store for $6. After they finished their writing, I let them get one and make their god or goddess. They looooved this! 

Honestly, we don't do too many "craftivities" because we don't have time. But, we do do them sometimes. Because I think kids need to be kids. And, because I used to be a first grade teacher, so it's in my blood. Oh, and because I've never seen my kids more engaged. Sometimes you need to just make a big mess and take an hour and let them create something. And I truly believe that. 

So, anyways, here's what they made:

This one cracks me up with the 10,000 pound weight! 

Check out Poseidon's little fish!

A sad Pandora after she opened the box.

They worked so hard! I think they did a great job. 

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

I really like all your research writing. My grade 3's find it difficult to not copy directly from material. Do yours? I noticed you said you read aloud the information to them. Do you have kid-friendly books for them to use too? I only have one computer (mine) in the classroom, so I do the googling ( is that a word? lol). Anyways, keep posting, you do a great job! Lori in Langley

Lindsay said...

Generally, we use books and the computers for research. I have 8 computers, including mine, so they're pretty good at finding info themselves. But, for this project, we only used the computers because our school library didn't have any good books about the gods.

Lindsay said...

Oh, and yes, they do struggle a little with copying material. But, we've spent a lot of time talking about that and they're getting better. Also, I've found that reading information out loud to them and having them "take notes" is good practice for this.