December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays!!

Tonight I'm wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I have majorly slacked on blogging lately because I've been pretty busy and enjoying time with family and friends. But here's a super quick recap of the last two weeks:

At school, we did a Chris Van Allsburg author study. My kiddos absolutely, positively were engrossed. They loved it! 

They wrote page upon page in their Reading Notebooks. Which, believe me, is not an everyday occurrence, ha! 

We even wrote letters to Mr. Van Allsburg! 

The next weekend, we all helped Matt and Blakely move into their new house. My mom pulled these old dresses of mine out of the attic to hang in the baby's closet. Every baby needs some vintage smocked dresses, right?

She also has this entire stash of clothes hanging in my laundry room, too! Oops!! :) Hey, it's an aunt's job to spoil, I think...

I spent some time wrapping gifts and this little brat found her toy in a bag and pulled it and started playing with it when I was in the next room. She's a hot mess, y'all.

I added a little decoration to my door wreath. I love it!! It came from Kirkland's, one of my favorite stores.

My tree after I finished wrapping presents! 

At school, we listened to a looooot of this! A lot. Like, really, a ton. 

We took the third and fourth graders caroling. It was so much fun - one of my favorite school traditions!

I totally rearranged the desks in my classroom and I just adore this arrangement! The kids were so excited. Sometimes, it's just nice to have a change of scenery.

On Wednesday, we had Grinch Day! My kids did instructed drawings that turned out great! 

Then, I have them four discussion questions and had them write their responses on index cards. 

We also made snowmen with graph paper and found the area and perimeter of each part. 

That night, I had friends over for desert and Finley just went nuts. When they left, she crashed hard, as you can see!

On Thursday, we made candy forests. 

They turned out great!!

I made a Finley a new Christmas bow. She was NOT a fan, but she let me take a few pictures :)

Friday, we had a half day of school. We had pajama day and watched The Polar Express! 

Sunday, we celebrated my grandpa's 90th birthday! 

He's just the best and such a blessing to our family.

My cousin found this old picture of him with Matt and I. I think it's so cute :) Especially Matt's squirrelly little look, ha!

Last night, my mom and I went on our annual Christmas light tour. We go to the rich people's houses- they go all out! 

I realize I'm biased, but how sweet is that Christmas puppy in a basket?? 

And that leads us to tonight. We don't usually do much on Christmas Eve - just dinner and I always watch Christmas movies. Tonight, we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings ( how traditional!) and Finley's snuggled up in my lap, nice and cozy!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night! 


Theresa said...

Love your blog! I found it on Pinterest, and it looks like you teach in Metro! I'm a MNPS teacher too, and would love to come visit your classroom! :) You seem like an amazing teacher! :)

Would you please be willing to share your area/perimeter snowman activity?