December 5, 2013

Mice Play and Ice Day

Oh, y'all. This week has been a rough one. Why is it that having days off school just make it harder to be there? I don't know. But, two more weeks and then it's Christmas Break... so I'm just pushing through!

In the last two weeks, my kiddos have been giving me a lot of notes. And, they like to hide them around the room so that I randomly find them. How funny is that?

I love this one! This sweet girl was my buddy in first grade. And, I do hope I'm a good "ant!" I'm not sure why she drew a foot, though?

And, homemade hand cards? There's nothing better!

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we had all kinds of fun at school! In my class, we made a colonial village to talk about how the pilgrims lived. They made homes, shops, rivers, boats, etc... They pretty much had a blast!

Then, in our after school program, we pretty much just dumped a million craft supplies in the front foyer of the school and let the kiddos go to town. They had a blast, too! 

I'd say the adults had even more fun :) This is our principal's office, ha! 

Wednesday night, we headed to my grandmas. This turkey was pretty much straddling my stomach and holding on for dear life! She doesn't love the car at first, then she falls asleep. Kinda like me!

We watched about a million episodes of Friends on Thanksgiving Day. Just like the pilgrims! Ha!

My mom got to practice her "grandma" skills. But, sweet Baby K wasn't in the best mood. She was sick all day :(

While my mom was holding the baby, this is what the other baby was doing. Such a    brat! She LOVED my cousin, Steven. And, I'm just judging by the fact that he couldn't put her down, but I think he was fond of her, too ;)

And, I was holding this big girl! She's my buddy.

On the way home, we stopped in Waverly, TN to see the war memorial that was built on the site of my great-grandparents home! Kinda cool, I have to say! And, check out the brick with my grandfathers name...

On the way home, this little punk slept like a baby. Literally. Like. A. Baby. And, look. Don't judge me for wrapping her up like that. I only do it because it prevents her from clawing me to death. You can just think of it as a puppy straight jacket. 

When we got home, I switched her collar to one with a little Christmas cheer! 

Monday night, I got really sick. I guess it was a stomach bug? But, I felt awful. So I stayed home from work Tuesday. And you know, cats away, nice playing, all that jazz. Just know that my normally well -behaved class took advantage of having a substitute. Big time. Granted, she was a terrible substitute, but still! I expect more from them than I do her, ya know? 

So, long story short, but those little monsters, er, I mean darlings, totally made a mess out of the library. The library that I had spent three recent weekends organizing. The library that I only let them visit once a week because I'm trying to teach them to read the books they choose all the way before getting a new book. The library that I painstakingly monitor because we're just, overall, a really immature class. 

So, drastic measures had to be taken. There were some gasps. There were a lot of tears as clips were moved down. There was denial and, finally, confessions. And, frankly, I'm 100% satisfied with my decision to come down hard on them because they can do better. And they will do better. They better! 

So, after a long day of wailing and knashing of teeth, I took my self to the Urgent Care clinic, which is such a scam because they were ANYTHING but urgent! They said I have chronic allergies and sinusitis. What else is knew? They did give me a Z-PAC (sp?). Then I came home and watched Christmas Vacation on ABC Family. Nothing soothes the weary soul quite like the Griswold family!

Today, during our morning meeting, we had us a good old fashioned Fiction/Non-Fiction sort! It was a great way to review our reading standard this week and the kids really enjoyed it! Of course they had to prove how they knew the book was either fiction or nonfiction.

Then, we read Ibis. It's a story based on a true story of a humpback whale who gets caught in a net. We read it because we had read an article the day before about whales. So I had them use their Reading notebooks to take notes as I read of proof supporting whether it was fiction and nonfiction. They did such a good job! It was a tricky book because it was realistic and based on a true story. 

And, that brings me to tonight. Oh man. They're predicting ice here tommorrow afternoon so the entire city of Nashville is panicking. Will they cancel school? Will they not? What if we get trapped at school? What if? What if?

My opinion? We'll have school tomorrow. 100% 

But, let it be known that this teacher just flushed an ice cube down the toilet and is wearing her pajamas inside out. 

So nobody can say I didn't do my part! 

Cause if ever there was a day when I'd like to kick up my feet and enjoy a snow day, this would be the day. Whew!!