March 3, 2014

Life Lately.

Man alive. 

I blink my eyes and it's March, y'all. When did that happen? 

And, could someone please tell the weather that it's March? Because we just had a snow day today and we have another one tomorrow! 

I'd like to pretend that I'm one of those teachers who is so sad to miss out on a day of learning with her children, but I'm going to be honest with you: I cheered when we got the call. Almost an obscene amount. 

Judge me if you must :)

I'm going to do one of those posts where I just purge all the pictures on my phone. That seems to be my method of operation lately, so why rock the boat? 

I'll start with Valetine's Day. (Wow. I'm a bad blogger.) My kiddos made Love Bugs! They were pretty excited to make these little creatures.

They had to write poems about their bugs. I'd say about half of them did a fabulous job. And, the other half? Well, they tried. Who says poems have to rhyme anyways? The one above was my favorite. I mean, how can you not love a poem that rhymes ambitious with Candylicious? And, who doesn't love pizza rolls? I know I sure do! 

My kids spoiled me rotten, too. Perhaps my best gift was a black lace ( see-through) shirt. I held it up and exclaimed "Thank you!" to the little girl who picked it out and she said "You're welcome! You might want to wear a shirt under it!" Thankyouforthat. 

In other school related news, we set DEA goals that week. I decided I was going to lay it all on the line and set class goals and individual goals. And, y'all, there are some BIG rewards on the line! I had them use stickers to track where they are and they will be easy to move after we take the next test this week. I'm excited to see how much they've grown. Fingers crossed!!

We also kicked "can't" to the curb! And that goes for me, too! 

In baby niece news, we have found some GREAT deals lately! My mom and I have been scouring thrift and consignment shops an found some good stuff!

This sweet little dress was 8 dollars!

Seersucker dress for 4 dollars.

Smocked bubble for 10 dollars.

And, drumroll please...

Smocked bubble for 1 dollar and 75 cents! 

It's fun to find super cute stuff that is cheap. It's all about the hunt! I've also bought a few things for myself :) I'll share those later! 

My little FiFi is doing good! She's as cute as ever. Here are some pictures of her lately:

Last night, it was sleeting and raining and icing. Hard, y'all. I didn't know what todo about taking her out. So, I just put her Halloween costume on her! Ha! She was, ahem, not very pleased with me. But, frankly, I'm used to that :)

She leads a very stressful life. Clearly.

I rearranged my living room. Again.

And, my mom made me this new table cloth for a future nightstand. But I hated to wad it up and throw it in a closet, so I set it up downstairs. 

There are some major house changes happening over here in the next few weeks. My roommate is moving out and getting married and I am doing some major house stuff! Stay tuned for all that! I'm talking moving bedrooms, painting, purchasing a couch: big stuff! 

Lastly, I'm going to leave you with three things I'm loving right now:

1. Cry Baby gum
I bought it for my kids. To hand out as a treat. (Yes, I'm evil. But, I love it when they make crazy faces beause it's so sour! And, before you call DCS, I always give them the choice of sour or regular.) 
But, I can't stop chewing this stuff! Why is it so good? 

2. Girl Scout Cookies
No explanation needed. But, just know that that box is loooong gone, people!

3. Baby chicks
My mom and I went to visit my grandmother this weekend. We went in this country store called Rural King. (No idea. They sell goat food, Duck Dynasty merchandise and Cheetos. So, if that sounds like your cup of tea, be my guest!) But, as we were strolling along the garden section, I heard a chirping. And, I trend to my mom and said "Do you hear that?" She did, so we headed that direction and they had like 12 giant pens of baby chicks! It was seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen! Ever. In the history of the world. 


Okay, I'm off to bed. And, when I say "bed" I, of course, mean watching a Real Housewives marathon. Of course. And, I'm not enjoying the Lisa gang-up. Not one little bit. Those ladies better leave my Vanderpumps alone! And that's all I have to say about that. 

Good night, dahhhlings! 

(You read that like Lisa, didn't you?)