March 26, 2014

The Master Plan

Ha! That post title makes it sound like I have an evil plan in the works. Maybe I made an evil laugh when I typed that. Maybe. 

Well, okay. I did. But, I don't have an evil plan, I was referring to my master bedroom. 

Here's what this room looked like at the beginning of the week. 

I honestly loved this room. It was fun and colorful and inviting, all good things. But, when my roomie got engaged and I knew she would be moving out, I admittedly started cooking up a plan to redo this room. Since I was going to have to decorate a whole new room anyways, I decided to move my current stuff into the guest room and make a beautiful new retreat! Good plan, right? 

Well, my roomie got married this weekend and as soon as the wedding was over, literally the next day, my mom came over and we got started. 

I painted the guest room Restrained Gold, which is a Sherwin Williams color. It's warm and inviting, which is just what I wanted. (See below.)

I moved my headboard in, a black desk and one nightstand. I didn't have to buy a single accessory or anything for this room! (Part of the plan, people. All part of the plan!) 

I used my same bedding, too! It's not the best bedding in the world, but it adds to the eclectic feel this room has going on. 

I used the same curtains, too! I also pushed the chest under the window to make some faux window seating! 

Okay, I just realized that I did buy that thing over the headboard. But, to be fair, I didn't buy it to hang there. I bought it for another room ad just ended up putting it there. So, for just the cost of paint, one wall thingy and a curtain rod, I have a brand new guest room! 

Now, since I spent very little money on the guest room, I was able to buy a few things for my room! And I was a-ok with this because I spend a lot of time in there. 

I knew I wanted the room to be three things: calming, pretty, relaxing. Those were my inspiration (along with about a hundred pins from Pinterest...) 

I knew I wanted gray walls. And I wanted white bedding. So, for Christmas this year, I asked for this duvet from West Elm. 

It's soo pretty! And, I stuffed it with two (yes, you read that correctly) down comforters that I already had. 

Also, I had found some gray chevron fabric in October that I knew I wanted to use. So, for more inspiration, I started looking at curtains. I honestly don't usually buy store-bought curtains. I like to buy fabric and have my mom make them for me. But, I was having trouble finding what I wanted. And, when I walked into Bed, Bath and Beyond, I was shocked at their selection! I couldn't decide between about three different choices, so I did the only logical thing I could think of: I polled people on Instagram. Yes, I did. 

And, lo and behold, everyone chose the one I was leaning towards! 

I think they were 30 dollars per panel and I had to buy four. But, I used a Bed, Bath and Beyon coupon for each and saved about 30 dollars total! 

Okay, wanna' see?

I moved my dresser to this wall across from the bed. I wanted it to look symmetrical and not-junky. So, I put a Wal-Mart lamp on either side of the tv and hung an old sunburst mirror from Kirklands above them. 

My mom and I made the headboard out of an oatmeal linen fabric. I don't buy any accessories or wall hangings. I already had them, some in storage! 

We painted the walls Amazing Gray, which is pretty much the softest, prettiest gray ever! 

My mom made me this table skirt out of three sheets from Wal-Mart! She's pretty amazing, huh??

I used the chevron fabric to make giant pillows and bought the bird pillows at TJ Maxx for about 20 dollars each. 

I love my new room! It's calming, pretty and relaxing: exactly what I wanted! 

I did some work in some other rooms and I'll share that stuff soon. I'm waiting on one thing to come in. Stay tuned!