May 27, 2014

The Last Week

Well, the last week of school is finally here. In some ways, I felt like this year flew by and in other ways, I thought this day would never come.

I'm going to be 100% authentic right now and just tell you that this year has been a struggle, guys. I feel like I've alluded to it on my blog, but I've never just come right out and said that my kiddos this year were kind of difficult. We had a lot of issues, both behaviorally and academically. And, while I adore them and love them, I don't mind telling you that I am more excited  about summer break right now than I ever have been before. Usually, I'm an emotional wreck the last week of school because I hate to part with those sweet little guys. But, this year, I'm mostly just sooooo excited for the break! 

In three days, this will be me: 


Okay, so a quick rewind of the last few weeks. We took the second graders to LBL about two weeks ago! 

And, to reiterate what a year I just had, after we went last year, with our current students, we all swore we wouldn't go back. Ever again. And we LOVE us some Land Between the Lakes, y'all. That's just how wild and crazy those kiddos were. But, this year, total opposite. The kids were a complete delight. I'm sooooo excited for next year! 

We had a third grade music concert one night last week. It's so fun to see my little friends all dressed up and looking so cute! 

We also ha our big school play, Peter Pan! It was a ton of work, but ended up being sooo cute!

Two of my former kids played Peter Pan and Captain Hook!

And, this weekend, my friend Kristin came to Nashville to visit. It was so good to see her! 

At school today, my kiddos made posters and then got to sign them for all their friends!

This poster pretty much made my day. 

And so did all these hilarious quotes! Ha! 

Especially this one. ^ Too funny!!

And, well, my little niece is still the cutest baby ever. To me, anyway. And, I'm certainly not biased at all! 

She's my favorite. 

And this poor little neglected thing is, too.