June 25, 2014


Two blog posts in one day?? What is the matter with me, guys? This one will be quick, I promise. 

So, I mentioned in a previous post that I had just ordered my very first GrooveBook. It's an app that prints your iPhone pictures and ships them to you. So, in preparation for the upcoming surplus in pictures around here, I've grabbed a couple of frames at stores for really cheap. 

Now, I have somewhat of a picture frame fetish. I hoard them. I've been buying frames since high school and I'm kinda picky about the ones I like. They must be chunky. That's the biggest thing. Here are some of my favorite frames from around my house. 

I usually buy gold, it's what I prefer. But, I did start a silver collection in college. And it has grown to include some frames. These two are my favorites.

Okay, so it would appear that every single picture I have framed in my home is of me and a family member. There's two reasons for that. One, I told you. I hadn't printed a picture in years! So, the only pictures I get are ones that are given to me by family members. Two, I like my family. So there ya go :)

I can't wait to switch out a bunch of these pictures with some pictures of friends, Finley and Ryan Grace! Cannot wait. 

Alllllll that to say, I bought some new frames. And there was absolutely nothing special about them. But, they were five dollars each and I had a vision....

Here they are. 

Now, the circle one? I didn't touch that one. I love, love, love it! But, the other two? Nothing special. The teal one is super thick and chunky, but although I like the color, I thought it would look soooo much better gold. And same for the smaller silver one. 

So, I opened up my trusty tubes of RubN'Buff and got busy. If you've never used this stuff, you are seriously missing out!! 

It looks like this and you can find it at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. You just put some on a paper towel and rub it on whatever you want! But, beware. It's seriously addicting!! 

So, here's what my two new frames look like after I doctored them up...

Love, love, love. 

I set them out and can't wait to put the new pictures in them as soon as they arrive! 

Okay, before I go, I have to show you the little turkey that was following me aroud while I took pictures: 

Haha. Silly girl. 

As always, thanks for reading! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip about RubNBuff. I'm so glad to hear you're rested. Up here in British Columbia, we teachers have been on strike for two weeks now. Think of us as we go into our summer "vacation".