June 5, 2014

One Proud Aunt!

Ya'll. I'm so completely smitten with Ryan Grace that I can't stand it. She is a doll. For reals. I'm trying to limit myself to one picture on Instagram each time I see her. Although, I would love to post every single cute picture I can get! But I make no promises on the blog! Ha! 

Those were all from the weekend. The white dress was mine as a baby! 

Today, my mom is babysitting her and so I had to come crash the party. Ha. I'm keeping her tomorrow. 

And, my new favorite picture of ALL TIME: 

Smiley girl! Like I said, I'm pretty obsessed with her :) 


Anonymous said...

Love the happy smiling face of Ryan Grace (I think I see a hint of her auntie in that last photo) :-)

Angela Hevron said...

She's absolutely precious! I can see why you're smitten!
Southern Fried Teachin’