June 19, 2014

Ten Summer Loves

Hey, y'all.

Been a while.

I hope your summer has been as restful and relaxing as mine has! I have done a whole lotta nothin' and it's been great.

Tonight, I thought I would do a list of some of my favorite things right now. Because, really, who doesn't love a heads up about cool stuff, right? 

So, here we go...

1. Shannon Beador

Shannon is the newest member of the Real Houswives of OC. And, I love her! She is a puzzle to me because on one hand, she's really weird. She's very into holistic cleansing and acupuncture and she has, I think, diamonds or crystals in her teeth because they give good energy? Or something. But, she's also this totally fun lady who is an awesome Martha Stewart cook/decorator. My favorite thing about her is that she hates Heather, who is about the most obnoxious, know it all, condescending person I've ever seen. And, I've seen Countess LouAnn and Caroline Manzo, so that's saying something! I just like how  Shannon does not put up with Heather. She may be nuts, she may be a little mean/awkward with her husband (they act like they've just met each other- it's weird) and she may be friends with Tamra Barney, but she is fast on her way to being one of my favorites*! 

*Admittedly, I tend to like housewives that most people do not, including but not limited to: Vicki, Teresa and Alexis. So, there's that.

2. GrooveBook

Have y'all seen this app? It was on Shark Tank and I actually saw the episode. I forgot about it until the other day when my sister-in-law mentioned it to me. 

So, basically, you can download up to 100 pictures a month and for a fee of $2.99, they will put them in a perforated book and ship them to you! For three dollars, y'all!!! 

You can click the top button that says Review and you can pick which pictures you want to choose. Then, click the Upload button. If you download pictures as you take them, it'll automatically send off for the book of pictures each month. 

Want to guess how many pictures I've developed from my iPhone in two years? 

Zero. Not a one. 

So, I'm super excited to get some of my favorite pictures off my phone and developed for only three cents a print. 

3. DisneyWar

This is the book I'm reading right now. And, I'm loving it! I am a semi-big Disney nerd. I've read several books about the company, parks and Walt Disney. But, this one is all about the corporation. It's scandalous, entertaining and informative. Who knew there was so much drama behind those mouse ears? 

If you only like chick-lit books and light stuff, this probably isn't the book for you. But, if you like a little variety and behind-the-scenes kinda stuff, you'll enjoy this. I sure have!

4. Hydrangeas in Milkglass

I stole them from my townhome complex. I mean, that's what those expensive homeowner fees are for, right?? 

5. Kate Plus Eight

Y'all. I was all about this show a few years ago. I knew Kate was crazy. I knew Jon and her really hated each other. And, quite frankly, I've done some research sense then and read some really horrible things about Kate as a parent, spouse and person. But, I can't quit this show. Because of the kids. I feel like I watched them grow up. 

So, tonight's the big update show! I can't wait to see it! I can't wait to see how big the kids are and how crazy Kate is. So excited!! 

6. Ryan Grace

I mean, how can you not love that squishy little baby??The days I keep her are my favorites. I take lots of pictures ad steal lots of sugar. 

7. Vintage Bloom

Okay, don't judge me. But, I kinda LOVE Jessica Simpson's line of clothes and bags. As a person, not so much. But I've always liked her stuff. And, this perfume smells soooo good! So, I got some. And I'm obsessed. 

8. My new earring holder

It came from a junk store and I just had to have it! It's pretty big, although it looks small in the picture. It's a perfect place to put my fancy earrings. Looks like I need to get some more!! 

9. This dress

It was cheap at Target, it's colorful, it's light weight and it's so easy to just throw on in the summertime! Love.

10. Mama's Family

Okay, again, don't judge me. But, when we were kids, my brother and I used to always watch this show on TBS. And, I got a gift card to Amazon recently and while I was searching the DVD section, I came across these! I think this show is so funny! It's not on the same par as, say, Real Housewives. But it's perfect to lay around and watch in the summer. 

So anyway, that's what I'm loving right now. Off to watch Kate Plus