July 13, 2014

Back from the Beach!

Last week, my parents and I went to Panama City Beach! It was very relaxing and fun - we had a great time! 

We are Gulf Shores/Orange Beach people and I have no idea what possessed us to head somewhere else. I have to say, when we arrived at PCB, we were all rethinking our decision! It was loud, chaotic and sooooo crowded. But, we realized the next day that all the craziness was due to the 4th of July weekend. Thank goodness! Everything cleared out and we had such a great time!

The night before we left was the 4th. So, we had to get some baby snuggles, of course! 

Those are pretty much the only pictures we took! Like I said, it was a pretty laid-back vacation... my favorite kind! And, I think you can see from the pictures why they call it the Emerald Coast! The first four days of our trip, the ocean was sooooo clear! The last two or three days: not so much! 

We got back last night and I went with Matt and Blakely today to get Ryan Grace's picture made. The cuteness was pretty much off the charts, I have to say! 

Cutest hiney ever, no? 

This week, I'm keeping the baby a few days, having a pool day with friends and probably gonna head up to school to get a few thins done. School is starting again much sooner than I care to think about! Some summers, I go absolutely crazy making things for my classroom and others I do pretty much nothing. This summer has been a "do nothing" kind of summer. Judge me if you must...  It just feels like some years I need more of a break. But, here pretty soon, I'll get back in the mood.

 I always do.