August 4, 2014

Classroom Tour 2014-2015

Hey, y'all.
Today we had yet another exciting day of teacher inservice. Tomorrow is our last day and we have kiddos in the room on Wednesday! I spent a good amount of time in my classroom this afternoon and tonight. And, well, I *think* it's done.
I say think because you never know when inspiration will strike. But, it's as done as it's going to be before Wednesday, that's for sure! I wanted to get it done today so that tomorrow afternoon I can do some plans and make some phone calls to my kids. And, I wanted to post the pics tonight because tomorrow night, I will be doing my best to block school out completely so I don't die of nerves. Even after 8 years, I still get sooo nervous!
I thought about not posting pictures because, honestly, not much has changed. But, I'm going to because I like going back to look at past posts and I know one day I'll want to remember what my classroom looked like.
So, here it is.

This is my objective board and carpet area. I used to have the calendar on that bulletin board, but I decided this year that I'd rather have the space. Oh, and the school took my computers away and replaced them with laptops. So, after much hemming and hawing, I decided to keep them in that red basket. We'll see for how long ;)
This is my classroom library and Reading bulletin board. My books are labeled by AR level.

This area is actually new. I used to have a Word Wall here, but decided to just use my academic one this year. So, I exposed the chalkboard (which, I kinda love!) and added some ribbon and clips to hang student work on. Also, instead of getting rid of the computer table, I made it a Writing Center! I've always wanted one and I couldn't be happier!

This is my desk and Writing bulletin board. I added those stars to my lanterns above. They cost $1.00 at JoAnn's so I couldn't turn them down!

I try to color code my teams. So, they have a colored ribbon in their totes, colored chair pouches and a pouf. This is obviously the blue team!

The front of the room.

This is my small group area. I've tried to cover a lot of the shelves because I think the fabric is more calming than clutter. Also, I had my mom make me some pillows to put in the windowsills. This is actually the kids' favorite place to read and work!

Try to ignore the air conditioner. It has been leaking and they came in today to "fix" it and are coming back tomorrow. Fingers crossed on that one. But, this is my academic Word Wall. I use paper clips to attach words I want my kids to remember. Also, the table is where the turn in their work. I added the "Be A Leader!" poster this year for two reasons: that is our class motto and they took a TV off this wall and left GIANT holes in it's place! Two birds, one stone :)

I have this bulletin board and then another one just like it on the other side of the air conditioner. I didnt take a picture because, again, the air conditioner was laid out on the floor in a million pieces. Ha! I use this bulletin board for students work and anchor charts and I use the other one for Guided Reading stuff.

Small group area again.

These are their book boxes. They keep library books and center materials in here.

The back counter area with our "Ten Essentials" ready to go! I pretty much worship Ron Clark. So, these are biggies for me.

This year, I tried to put out a bunch more of my math manipulatives so they're more accessible to the kids. Most of them landed here.

I have a little craft for us to work on Friday that will go on that blue area above the chalkboard. It will, hopefully, make this wall look more finished.

This is the only view of my room that I just hate. It looks so junky! But, I think it's just because of all the books and I don't know what to do about it. But, I hate junky classrooms so it does bother me, I'm not gonna' lie.

So, that's my classroom!
If you have any questions, please leave me a comment and I'll do my best to answer!
 Thanks for stopping by!


Miss Kindergarten said...

Everything is so adorable!!! The yellow chevron is my fave!!

Kristin said...

Everything looks amazing!!!

Hollie said...

Cute, colorful room!!! Where did u get the welcome sign above your cabinet?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Inspirational!

Jen said...

Love the room! Where did you get the orange stools?

Lindsay said...

Thank you! The welcome sign came from the Nashville flea market. And, the orange stools are from Old Time Pottery.

Cindy Gilchrist said...

It looks AWESOME!!! So cheerful and organized. I would love to learn in that room :)

Erica said...

I love love LOVE your classroom! It looks so good.

The Blossoming Teacher

Anonymous said...

Love your classroom and organization!
I did wonder if you remembered where you bought those bins for their shared supplies? I love the size and space for the different supplies!

Lindsay said...

They actually came from Deals last year!! I think I've seen some similar ones at Dollar Stores. I just prefer the bigger ones because they hold more.

The Science School Yard said...

What a fun and colorful room! Your students will love it! It is great to blog hop and look at what everyone is doing to get ready for the new school year.

Renee from The Science School Yard

Anonymous said...

Were you able to paint your walls? Jealous.

Lindsay said...

I got very very lucky that I inherited the room from a friend who painted the wall that awesome color! But, our principal has never minded people painting the walls. We have all kinds of great colors in our building!

Angie Olson said...

This is so crazy! Honestly, I feel like I am looking into my classroom when I look through your classroom pictures! I am a 2nd grade teacher from Minnesota and my classroom has the primary colors as well. I haven't done my classroom reveal for this year yet but hoping to tonight or tomorrow. I'll definitely be your newest blog follower!
Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners

killerbees3 said...

Love your room! Can you explain how you use your multiplication chart on your Data wall?

Julia Jones said...

Beautiful job, I would love for my child to be in your room. I can tell that you are passionate. You put lots of time into your decoration..

Diana Rodriguez said...

Love!!!!!! What's in the soap boxes in your materials totes?

Diane Rock said...

Love the team organization bin and was trying to see what was organized in the soap bins, but can't see it. Can you tell me or post a picture of it???