September 14, 2014

A Little Update...

I had some big intentions to do a school update last week, and well, that obviously didn't happen. Sorry. It's just that life at school is pretty hectic right now. There's a lot to do and lots of after school things going on and the last thing I think to do is take pictures! I really am going to do an update. But, for now, I'm going to just share what's being going on around here. 

1. Thinking Maps

I recently introduced compare/contrast maps and y'all? These are their favorites! All throughout that week, they made them daily. And they did so good with them! We compared and contrasted books by the same author and I'll share more later but just know that I am firmly and comfortably in the Thinking Map camp and do not see a change to that anytime soon!! 

2. Yummiest Chocolate Ever!

Just do yourself a favor and go buy some. You won't be sorry. Trust me!

3. Family Dinner

Last Friday, we had a family dinner and it was much needed because I hadn't seen my grandpa or aunt and uncle in a long time! It was so fun to catch up and spend some time with them! 

4. Last Saturday

We kept Ryan Grace alllll day, it was raining alllllll day and college football was on allllllll day. So, yeah. It was pretty awesome.

5. Milkglass

I'm not sure that I've mentioned it here, but I collect milkglass. When my grandma was still alive, she gave me a few pieces. Then, in the last two years, I've bought a lot of pieces at flea markets and thrift stores. I have a $10 rule. I don't buy any piece that is more than $10 because for me, it's just fun to search, ya know? The last few months, my grandpa has been giving me the last pieces of my grandma's collection. So, needless to say, I'm ecstatic to have these pieces because they belonged to her! I think I'm about out of cabinet space, though! Might need a bigger hutch, ha! 

6. Text Features

This week, we learned about nonfiction text features. I made this chart an we used it all week as we read articles incorporating the features. Then, the kids made posters about a topic of their choice that included text features. They turned out great! I will blog a more detailed post soon!!

7. The Baby

Love her to pieces. Can't get enough. 

8. Someone needs a haircut...

I mean, she looks like she's missing an eyeball! Ha! 

Okay, I think that's about it. Probably about the most boring blog post I've ever written. I'm really hoping school sill settle down here shortly and I'll have more energy to blog. 

As always, thanks for reading!!!


Angela Hevron said...

Your dog is adorable! Yes, it does look like she's missing an eyeball. I have a dog that's missing his leg! For real....he's a 3-legged dog.

And btw...I didn't think this was a boring post at all!

I haven't posted much at all lately because I am not teaching and am waiting (rather impatiently) to get a job.
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