September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Hello, friends.
I was on a blogging ROLL for a few weeks there and then real life just smacked me right between the eyes.
 Real hard.
 I'm sure you can relate.
There have been lots of things going on at school and my goal is to take some pictures this week and blog about those later. But, I can't promise. Ha. I'm sure you can relate to that, too!
So anyway, this weekend was a great one. Every Labor Day weekend of my life, we've headed to West Tennessee to my grandma's little bitty hometown for Tater Town Day. You see, this little town exports sweet potatoes. Lots and lots of them. So, this weekend is just a weekend filled with class reunions, a parade and a "festival." While it's certainly not a big deal to anyone who doesn't live there, it's always fun to spend the weekend with family! And, this year, we had my niece Ryan Grace to enjoy as well :)
I do have to give a disclaimer. The night before we left, I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning to watch Vanderbilt's football team get positively SPANKED so I was a weeeeeee bit tired, exhausted and sleepy all weekend. Also, I had to share a bed with my cousin and her three children were on the floor in the same room so NEEDLESS to say, I didn't sleep over the weekend, either.

How stinking cute is this baby, ya'll? I ordered her litte dress off Zulily a few weeks ago and her mommy and I were glad it came in time to get to wear this summer.

Every single time we go to my grandma's, she makes a cake. But, she makes the exact same cake every single time. And, we're honestly all just tired of it. So nobody really eats it except for my brother. He ate it. For breakfast. Ha!

Ryan Grace and her JuJu

This picture makes me laugh so hard. It rained all day on Saturday so my grandma wore her rain cap! Those are my cousin's kiddos and my other cousin Steven joining her on the cart. And, you should all know that no children were harmed while this picture was taken...

My dad standing under his pink umbrella, watching the "parade"

Baby K had a blue mouth from all the candy! She spent about half the parade in my arms and they are STILL sore. That girl is solid, people.

 The annual picture with Miss Mattie. Can't believe she's in fourth grade!
Mattie, Will and Carson are some sweet, sweet kiddos. And, look at all that candy!

LOVE this picture of my dad and hs first granddaughter.

 My favorite picture of the weekend. Love that sweet, sweet baby.
I love this girl, too. She's my cousin's daughter and she's such a funny little thing. She has the best belly laugh ever. It's a shame she's just so pale, though... ha!

When we got home, we watched the baby all afternoon so her parents could catch up on some sleep. And, well, as you can see, there's nothing better than rocking babies to sleep on a porch swing in the country. I got her to sleep, but Aunt Connie wanted to make sure she got some good snuggles, too. It was honestly so fun because it rained all day, but we just had the best time sitting on the porch and enjoying each other's company!

When RG woke up, she and K had some good baby talk.

At night, Matt and Abby decided to work out.

Cuteness. They love Matt so much!

This girl wanted to hold Ryan Grace the whole weekend. She was a good helper!

When I got home, I headed over to friend's house to have some good times with some very sweet girls.

 This is Nancy. She's the best. She retired last year and you may have seen a video about her on Buzzfeed, Facebook, Inside Edition or YouTube...

She is, without a doubt, the funniest human being I've met.

So, we laughed about a ton and had such a good time.

And then we took a selfie, as you do, to document the evening.

All in all, one of the best weekends ever. So thankful for a break from school and a chance to enjoy family and friends.