October 26, 2014


I'm trying my best to not give up blogging, y'all! I'm sure no one out there even reads this pathetic blog anymore, ha! But, that's okay because that's not why I do it. I love to look back and see what I was up to, so I'm not giving up... 


Here are some recent things that my iPhone has captured... and a few hashtags to tell you how I really feel. 


First up, a teeny tiny school update. I just want you to show what a real classroom looks like in the middle of the school year! I always post pictures before school starts and everything is perfect and that's not real life. Not at all! 

Notice our multiplication monsters and area pumpkins on that bulletin board. I love that they are so fun and colorful and "fall!"


Junky buckets, goals taped to desks and locker tags flopping all over the place. 


Our word wall is filling up nicely! 


And, we use these charts daily for guided  reading. 

I may have covered up a cute printed picture with an anchor chart. 


Annnnd, the science teacher borrowed one of my globes off the top of my counter and it kind of broke my heart because I was using it for decoration! Ha! 


My kiddos are making book character pumpkins again this year and this is the first one I got. I was super impressed by her painting and barn background, but when she pulled a duck decoy out of her locker? Well, I was mighty impressed. 


I'll do a seperate post about those later when they all get turned in.

I let the kids who turn in their homework eat lunch in the classroom on Fridays. And then force them to watch Pippi Longstocking on Netflix. 


Last weekend, Ryan Grace had a virus and was soooo sick. I went to help out so her mommy could get a little break and while I was there, her fever broke and she was a smiling machine!


I finally got my Hogwarts letter. Finally, y'all. 


And, I finally "fall"ified my porch.


I did a little redecorating, too. 


Two quick school funnies that I want to remember...

While doing research about civil rights, one of my kids brought me a computer and showed me this picture and said "Look, Ms. Ridings! Rosa Parks is getting her diploma from her teacher!" 


Then, I found a wad of paper on the floor. I looked at it and found an entire page of detailed notes about our day. With phrases like "we went outside today for the first time all week!" and "we have P.E. today so don't get in trouble." 

Crazy thing is, I have NO idea when she was writing all this! I never saw her do it. 


We also made our class timeline for te third year in a row! I'm in LOVE with this project! This year, we focused on civil rights leaders and my children are now beyond obsessed with MLK, Jr. But, they insist on calling him MILK, for some inexplicable reason. 


And, last but not least, we took the cutest baby ever (aka my niece) to the pumpkin patch today. It was so fun!









Okay, are you bored to tears yet? I'm all out of hashtags and pictures, so I better go to bed! As always, thanks for reading! 


Renee said...

My classroom desk nametags look the saaaaaaame way by this pint of the year. Love, love, love the book character pumpkins!

:) Renee
The Third Grade Learning Spot

Anonymous said...

Loved this blog post!