October 19, 2014

The Lamest Update of All Time...

Welp. I'll say it again. I'm a terrible blogger. This school year has been a little on the rough side. My kids are fine, it's just been a year of changes. Good changes, for sure. But, there's just lots and lots and lots to do. Last week, I didn't get home before 6:30 one single day.  (Wahhhhhh!) But, this week was Fall Break so I've really gotten to enjoy some down time. 

Just a quick little breakfast with my grandpa, who cracks me up! 

Our school is getting a brand new playground! It's being provided by the Nashville Predators and KaBoom! And we are sooooooo excited. I'm on the committee and it's my job to get the kids involved. We have lots of cool things in the works. It's being installed on October 30!

Me and my sweet little niece before her mommy's surprise birthday party.

We found a super cute pumpkin dress for RG and had to get her pic made in it! 

This week, I kept her like three days. It was pretty fun and she's the best, smiliest happiest baby ever!


And she loves to swing!

Last night we took her to the Predators game.

She was mesmerized! She seriously didn't blink or smile or anything. She just stared at it all!

Oh, and also? I'm sick as a dog with sinusitis and an ear infection. Which is just great because we're headed out of town to my grandma's this weekend. 

Ok, lame update I know. Just know that I'll get to back to blogging again some day when things calm down a little!