December 18, 2014

Let It Go.

One more day. That's all that's standing between me and two glorious child-free weeks. Is that bad to say? Ha. I love my kiddos, truly. But, I'm SOOOO ready for a break! All I want for Christmas is to sleep in, ya'll! 

I just wanted to share a couple of little odds and ends before the holiday craziness begins. 

This year, I have become obsessed with the big, fat old-fashioned Christmas lights. They are so bright and fun and they make me happy, what can I say?

I hung these in my living room...

And these in my classroom. 

Last week, two girls from school and I went to Shoney's for National Hot Fudge Cake Day! But, we had to go after the PTO meeting and it was pretty much 8:00 and they were sold out. Womp, womp. Oh well, we had fun. That's all that matters! Can't wait to room with these two at LBL this year. 

We spent a week at school debating and discussing the captivity of killer whales. I blogged about this last year so I'm not going to again. But, I did want to share this neat idea I saw on Pinterest! It was a great way to record our research findings and for the kids to be able to reference throughout the week.

Today, I played Free Willy for them. Just because it was the day before break and I knew they'd love to see it. They're now obsessed with killer whales. 

The best part of the movie, am I right? Also, I ALWAYS cry when Jessie says goodbye to Willy. Those two only had each other :(

Last weekend, we went out of town because my great uncle Bob passed away. He was a great man and we'll all miss him so much, but we know he's with Aunt Peggy again and happier than he's been in a long time. While we were there, I took Miss Priss outside while she was all dressed up in her cute little outfit and got some great pictures. 

I love my people. :)

Yesterday, my kiddos made measurement Christmas trees. They're kind of a hot mess, but they make me smile because they're so festive.

Today, we read The Great Reindeer Rebellion and the kids made wanted posters for Santa's reindeer. They did such a great job!

This one is my favorite. Read her answers! Ha!

The kids had family homework this month to make a snowman out of objects found at home. They've been trickling in this week and I LOVE them! 

Do you want to build a snowman? 

And tonight, I helped decorate and chaperone our Frozen dance at school. It was a lot of fun! These two cuties are my favorite Anna and Elsa :) 

Okay, I think that's it. I'm off to finish doing some packing. Thanks for reading!!!


Anonymous said...

You're not blogging anymore? I'm missing your great teaching ideas and classroom updates.