December 16, 2014

My Friday Night Lights Confessions...

I started watching Friday Night Lights again, y'all. 

For like the fourth time.

I know I'm not alone in my obsession because about a year ago, I wrote a blog post all about the reasons I love Tim Riggins. And, I still get blog hits DAILY for that post. People are still leaving me comments. So, I know there are a bunch of people googling FNL, just like me :)

And, as I've been re-watching, I've come to a few conclusions and I have some confessions to make about my favorite show. 

Are your eyes clear and heart full and all that? 

Ok, let's do this...

1. After the first episodes, I hated Tami Taylor. Gasp. I know. Blasphemy, right? It's just that she was kind of a whiny person. Remember all the "his and her closets, babe!" stuff that she was pulling? And she wouldn't just let it go? Then, she took the job at the school without talking to her husband about it. She's kind of a pushy lady and once you get to see how awesome she is, you appreciate that about her, I think. Her no-nonsense attitude is one of her best qualities. It just took me a few episodes to see it, I guess.

Tami Taylor: She wants a separate closet for her boots, ya'll.

2. I don't understand what kind of town Dillon is. All they talk about is how they have to get out of that town. And it's kind of implied that the town is very small. You know, since the only restaurants in town are the Alamo Freeze and Applebee's, it would seem.  But then, you realize Dillon has its own hospital? How bad can it be there? And it's apparently big enough to have two high schools. So, yeah. Dillon? What are you? 

Dillon, Texas: The smallest big town in America. 

3. Okay, this is a big one. I've never watched season five all the way through. I know, I know. I'll just say it, though. I never grew as attached to the new kids as I did the old ones. And by the time I got to season 5, I was pretty much just openly lusting over Tim Riggins. I didn't really care about any other storyline. So, I watched the first few episodes of that season and I was just missing 33 so I fastforwarded to the last four episodes and watched those because I had to know what happened to Tim. And, I meant to go back and watch them, but I just never did. I've tried a few times, but I just always lose steam. I just wasn't invested in that season. Apparently, to me, an FNL without Riggs is an FNL I don't want any part of. But, this time through, I'm going to watch them all. I promise. 

Season Five: The Vince and Luke Years (or so I've heard...)

4. The first time I watched FNL on Netflix, I became addicted. And, I know we all say that. But, like, I was staying up until four in the morning watching it. I couldn't stop. My principal even commented to me that I seemed kind of tired one day and I was too embarrassed to tell him the reason was because I had been up all night watching the Panthers win State! Ha! I think I watched the show (minus some of season five) in about 3 weeks. That was some dedication, I tell ya! 

The Addiction: blurry eyes, full coffee cups, can lose your job!

5. Right about the time I was watching FNL the first time is when I got my dog Finley.  For several years, I had been wanting a dog and the plan was always to name it Lila. I just thought that was a cute dog name. But, once I watched the show, I had to change her name. I couldn't stand Lyla in season 1. No way was I going to name my dog after someone I didn't like! Now, Lyla definitely grew on me as the series progressed and I really, really liked her in season 3. But, by then, I already had named my pup Finley and there was no going back! No regrets, right? As a side note, my next dog WILL be named Riggins. No question. 

Lyla Garrity: Sure, she's cute. But is she someone worthy of naming your dog after?

6. It still shocks me how different the last two seasons are from the first three. Like, never in my life did I think I would find myself actively hating the Panthers and everything they stand for. How the writers of the show make you feel that switch is pretty incredible. And, as I said, I wasn't even the biggest fan of the new team (only because it did not include Smash, Riggins and Saracen) and even I pretty much wanted the Panthers to just go away! Slow clap for you, writers. Slow clap for you. 

JD McCoy: He ruined the Dillon Panthers for you, didn't he? 

7. I think Tim and Landry needed more scenes together. Because it was always, ALWAYS, awesome. Who can forget the time Landry read "Of Mice and Men" to Tim and then Tim repaid him by going to his concert? Oh, and the whole "I don't know if you know this, Landry, but I'm a virgin." Ha! And the powderpuff episode, too! I'm telling you, those two were awesome together!

Landry Clark: The most lovable, funny murderer in Dillon, Texas. 

8. Gracie Belle is a weird looking baby. And Julie is a brat. The Taylor's kids are kind of a mess. There, I said it.

The Baby: And her little sister, Gracie Belle. 

9. I think Coach was dead wrong for kicking Tim off the team in season 2. I know he disappeared, but he was trying to stop Jason from doing something completely stupid and potentially deadly. And, Coach wasn't even the coach when Tim left! I don't get why he welcomed Jason back with open arms and it took him so long to let Tim back on the team. Although, it did lead to one of the best scenes ever, so I tend to forgive in this situation. I know tough love is a thing, I just think Tim's had a lot of it in his life and he was gone for a noble reason, no matter what it looked like. 

Tim Riggins: He'll make it up to you in the shower.

10. When Tim went to church with Lyla and then snuck into her room and said that he felt closer to God when he was with her? Call me naive, but I totally believe him. I don't think he was hitting on her. I think he's the loneliest kid and he's desperate for anything that makes him feel alive and wanted and I think he felt that. You can watch his face the whole time he was at church and just know that he's aching inside. (Yes, I know he's not real.) 

Tim Riggins: Turns me into a crazy lady who analyzes the religious stirrings of a drunk kid from a small (or very large) town in Texas. 

Okay, so there you have it. My Friday Night Lights confessions. If you've seen this show (And, if you haven't, you're crazy. Go watch it!!!) and you have a confession, leave it in the comments section. I'd love to hear it!