May 22, 2015

A Place in my Heart


Is anyone out there?

Probably not and that's okay. I admit that I have not been into blogs lately. I haven't even been reading blogs, either. But, ultimately, I do enjoy going back and reading my blog and I don't want to give it up. Plus, it's just a place for me to get out what I've been thinking about. And, I like that. 

So, here goes...

We have a day and a half left of this school year. And, although I haven't blogged about much of it, it's been an incredible school year for me. Just, really, all around a great year. I think I grew a lot as a teacher, I think I developed more meaningful relationships with my students than I have in the past, I think my kids rocked the state test and I think that I will miss this class more than any other class I've ever had. 

I've been kind of sappy this week. I know, so annoying. I've posted several Instagram pics and Facebook statuses about how much I love my class and how much they bless my life. But, I truly mean every single word of it. I feel SO BLESSED to get to be THEIR teacher! I feel like I am the luckiest one in the room because I get to spend my days with THEM. I know every teacher feels this way, but I think I teach the best 21 kids in the whole wide world. I wouldn't trade out one of them because, together, they make US. And we are a close knit family that depend on each other, help each other and love each other. 

Does that mean that they are perfect? Of course not. Does that mean I'm perfect or I think I'm perfect? I'm laughing out loud to that one. 

It just means that those kiddos have carved out a little chunk of my heart and they'll always have a piece of it. They're just a special group.

I'm going to come back soon and talk about accountable talk. Because, I ised it this year and I completely changed the way I teach and the way I think about teaching. And, guys, it worked. It worked better than anything I've ever tried in eight years of teaching. I had kids who had cut scores of 47 at the beginning of the year and were so shy and unsure of themselves in class make 96's on the TCAP test and who became classroom leaders. That's how well it worked! 

But, somewhere along the way, all that accountable talk changed us. It changed how I saw my kids and I think it changed my relationship with them. Instead of them coming to me to solve their problems and tell them how to do everything, they all became leaders. They became confident go-getters who just blossomed and bloomed this year. It was amazing to witness, I have to say!!

I'm not really sure what else to say. I just wanted to write down my thoughts because I don't ever want to forget these kiddos. I think they made me a better me. And, I think they taught me more than I taught them. 

I'm going to leave this post with some pictures. Today before field day, we made posters for each other. And, they seriously wrote the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful words to each other.

I may have teared up a little. Maybe. Possibly. 

This kid is "that kid" this year. The one who causes so much trouble but who also just means the world to you. This kid is SUCH a leader and I talk to him all the time about how everybody is watching him. He's precious and he just burst into tears when he read my note to him on his poster and promised me he'd never let me down. Straight through the heart, ya'll. 

(This kid is a doll! He wrote the sweetest, most thoughtful notes to everyone.)

(This note was for a student who is in Special Education. And, it might have made me cry again. Because, what third grader says something like that? And, because she taught me and my students sooooo much this year. About stuff that's more important than academics.)

(I don't know if you can read that. It says Karla, you have changed this year. You were shy at first, but now you are almost smarter than everyone. I will miss you the most! Bryan

And, then I cried again. Because, she has changed this year. She barely spoke English at the beginning of the year and she wouldn't even answer when I called on her. And, a week before TCAP, she threw her hand up, ran up to the board, explained her way through an elapsed time problem, and explained why all the other answers were wrong. And, I cried that day too. Because, I could not have been prouder or happier. Could not.)

So, yeah. As excited as I am about summer, it's a little bittersweet this year.

I'm also moving to second grade next year and so I have to pack up my classroom. I'm sure that's adding to my sadness. But, I'm super excited about second grade and my principal wants me to loop up with that class back to third grade the next year, which is something I've always wanted to do! 

And, this time next year, maybe I won't be so darn sad!! Ha!

Once school is out for good, I'll be back. I promise I won't let you down ;)


Mrs. S. said...

I'm moving up to third grade this year (was upset at first about it), and my students' parents were able to choose to keep their child in my class (or not). I can't wait! I know it's going to be great. God bless you as you move to second grade (it's wonderful!) and loop up. I think you'll LOVE it! :)