July 12, 2015

Summer Fun

I'm just going to post some pictures that I've taken this summer. Not a lot of words, just memories that I don't want to forget. There's been a TON going on lately over here! 

RG started playing peek-a-boo and it's the best thing ever. She just died laughing every single time. 

One night, we kept her and we went to Logan's and then to Target. She was pretty darn happy riding in the back of the cart! 

The next day, we took her to IHOP for breakfast with Daddy Doug. She ate more than any of us. Ha!

That night, I went to my friend Kate's wedding. It was beautiful and such a fun time!

I've taken this girl swimming this summer in every kind of pool imagineable! She is a complete FISH! She jumps in, tries to put her face in and gets made when you're holding her in the water. Silly girl.

Another night of babysitting...

Mom and I took Ryan Grace to the Nashville Zoo one day. It was HOT but she loved it!!

Mom and I took a little trip to Gleason.

Then, we came home and my parents put their house on the market. And, it sold in one day! The very first people who looked at it bought it. Which set everything into a tailspin, pretty much! Since they're building and it won't be ready until December, they're moving in with me.

We had some Fourth of July fun. On the Third of July. Ha. We spent the fourth packing and getting ready for a garage sale. Party. Animals.

I went to the drive-in with friends to see Jurrasic World and Pitch Perfect 2.

I chopped my hair off last week. And, I love it!!!

Okay, I'm tired. That's a lot of pictures! My whole summer has pretty much been keeping the baby and helping my parents move. It's been a lot of fun, but very exhausting! Haha! Only a few more weeks and then it's back to school for me! I haven't set foot in my classroom and haven't really even thought about school at all. But, that's going to change very soon!