August 10, 2015

My Classroom 2015-2016

As you know, I had to change classrooms this year. And, to be honest, I wasn't as excited about that as I usually am. Mostly just because I LOVED my old room. But, now that it's all said and done, I love this room, too.

Want a peek?

Here's what's hanging on the outside of my door. The walls out here are crazy and nothing much sticks to them so I had to *illegally* hot glue my banner up. But, I did attach the hot glue to the ribbon so I'm pretty sure it'll come off clean. I hope... The banner is just a cheap find in the Target party section. I bought four banners, which were all one color, and mixed them all up to get a few banners with multi-colors. You'll be seeing more of those! I just added regular name tags to the banner and they say "Work to be proud of!"

Here's my door this year. As I say every year, I don't do a theme. It's just not my thing. But, as I also say every year, if I DID do a theme, it would be nautical/ocean because I am in love with fish, crabs, sea horses, anchors, etc. Ha! So, I did make some cute little fish for my door out of cupcake liners! I like it because it's colorful and fun. 

Here is my front wall and carpet area. 

I love this little corner. I had to make a seperate Objectives board because the kids couldn't see it, and I like where it is now! 

This is one of my Word Walls. This is where we will put vocabulary words and hard to spell words. I made this out of cupcake liners, too! And, if you look closely, or really, not even that closely, you'll see that it's a big old crooked mess. Haha! 

I still have to do my calendar area. I haven't done it yet because our laminator has been broken and I've been trying to decide how much calendar I want to do every day. 

My desk area...

I haven't found a great place to put my balloon wreath yet, so it's been hanging out here. I'm sure it'll probably stay there all year....

And, here's our class promise that we made on Friday! There are few things I like more than a kid-made class promise!! It isn't that cute, but they made it. Which, I love. 

This is the back wall. I wasn't super excited about all the green at first because it's kind of dark. But, it's growing on me...

In between the two windows, I have some clips so I can hang anchor charts. 

And this is my small-group area. I plan to hang reading strategies on the clips you see here. 

This is my cabinet wall. I love all the storage! And, I love my garland that I made out of, you guessed it, cupcake liners! 

Also, the butterflies were our first day of school activity. It helped us get the "butterflies" out of our tummies ;)

This my other Word Wall. I use it to hang index cards that the kids make with academic vocabulary words.

Here's the class library. I got the little chairs for ten bucks each at Target this summer and the rug is from Ikea. 

I decided to hang all the lanterns and pompoms from my old room over the library in this room. I just think it's kind of fun and whimsical.

And, we're back at the front door. 

Like I said, overall, this room has really grown on me! I like colorful, bright and fun and this room is all of those things. So, I love it! 

Thanks for taking the tour of my new classroom! Hopefully, it'll be a great year in Second Grade!!


Renee G said...

Your room looks colorful & inviting! I'm switching school buildings and am going to miss my old classroom...still waiting to see what the new room looks like. Wishing you a great school year!
: )Renee
The Third Grade Learning Spot

Jackie & Mike said...

Your room looks great! Have a super year!!

online shopping said...

@ Lindsay

So beautiful. I love reading all that you do in your classroom!


Christine Dolan said...

Where did you get the shelving unit with the tub drawers for each student? (The corner with the objective board, picture 7 on post). Also, where did you get the square book display that has bookshelves on the side of it?

Lindsay said...

I haven't bought any furniture! All my stuff is stuff I've found or collected at my school when teachers have given stuff away, left the school or retired. Some of it I've had a long time and I just hold onto it and move it whenever I move! Sorry I'm not more help!!