August 3, 2015

So long, Summer!

Tonight I have just a couple of quick things I wanted to post. 

In no particular order...

Last week, I kept my mom's cousins kids for two days while she was in town for some meetings. It was fun and kind of gave me a little glimpse of what it will be like with my niece in a few years! 

We went to Menchie's for some yummy fro-yo...

We watched Yogi Bear and The Little Rascal's...

And we went swimming at my new favorite pool: the Nolensville Rec Center! 

Then, Saturday, we went to a friend's wedding.

Love my sweet Momma!

I used to carry her around when she was a baby. Blows my mind, ya'll.

Today, my brother took some pictures of me and my niece Ryan Grace at church. He did a good job- I love them! And, her. 

She was a little sick and wasn't very smiley. But, I still love them. Because, she can do no wrong in my eyes. Little Sassafrass. She calls me "Lele" now, have I mentioned that? It's my favorite thing ever. 

A few weekends ago, we went on a trip to Atlanta. 

Snoozin' in the car!

1,2,3, wheeeee!

Looking pretty darn cute at the Braves game! I ordered her outfit off eBay and it was sooooo cute on her!

If only back fat was so cute on adults...

Ryan Grace loves her JuJu so much! 

They even made it on the JumboTron together! 

No filter, the sky was GORGEOUS that night!

The next day, we went to IKEA. 

And, we bought a LOT of stuff!

She thinks her dad is pretty funny. 

And, just a few more pictures that I think are cute...

Finley is still here. And, I still take pictures of her. I just never seem to post them on the blog anymore. But, she's awesome. I adore her.

Giggle box

LOVE this because that is a real RG smile and she is awesome.

Snuggles in bed. We took a lot of naps together this summer ;)

My favorite picture, of all time. 

Okay, I think that's all, folks! I'll be back soon to post about school but wanted to get the rest of the summer updates posted first. 


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