July 29, 2016

The Zoo (X2)

I have taken Ryan Grace to the zoo twice in the last few months. And, of course, I took a million pictures because that's just what I do. 

The first trip was during Spring Break. RG and I went with my good friend Brittney and her nephew Charles. It was so much fun!!

Before we left, I sat her down in my living room and took some pictures. Because, well, she looked adorable. As usual...

I don't even know what she was doing here. Ha! But, she rode like this from the parking lot to the entrance. Diva!!

Waiting for Brittney and Charles at the entrance...

In my opinion, the best part of the Nashville Zoo is the Kangaroo Kick-About! You get to walk around with kangaroos and even touch them! As you can see, a certain little someone wasn't too sure about all that!

She was sure she wanted to ride the train, though! She loved the train!

Checking out the crocagators (as she calls them...)

This picture makes me laugh! She went into the petting zoo and was not too interested in touching anything. But, she did enjoy following the goats around. 

Sweet girl had a blast playing on the playground! 

And, she loved the carousel! 

I know she had fun because this is how I found her when I got back to the house. After a quick shoe shuffle, she was out! Ha! 

Okay, now fast forward to about two weeks ago. My dad promised her that he'd take her to the zoo and my mom and I tagged along. We had so much fun! 

They've finally finished some of the renovations at the zoo (including the new entrance) and it's soooo nice!

She loved the birds at the entrance!

The monkeys were going nuts, climbing all over the trees! 

Luckily, her PawPaw helped her see what was going on. 

Ha! Little Miss waved at all the animals she saw that day!

I somehow ended up holding a bird. Which, I'll just say, was terrifying. I do not love birds. Not at all.

This picture is so embarrassing. But, when the two year old wants to ride the train, someone has to ride it with her. And, I volunteered to sit this one out and she wasn't having it. So, that's what Aunts and Grandpas are for, right?? 

We fed some turtles...

This was my favorite picture. Love that little scrunched-up smile. 

Last, we took her to the playground and let her run like crazy! That's always her favorite part.

And, of course, the money shot on the way home :) It happens without fail, every time. 

I can't believe how much bigger she looks in her car seat than she looked in it on spring break. She's growing too fast! So thankful for her and for her parents letting us spend these special times with her. 


Susan K. said...

You are an amazing aunt! Now you'll have two nieces to love - how exciting! Can't wait to see how your 3rd grade room looks! I agree - third grade is the BEST! Happy last weekend of summer vacation!

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mm said...

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